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Chapter 77

  Cheng Su Su hidden in the heart of the wishful thinking of the dozen crackling sound.
  A common phenomenon shows that deal with the relationship between father and son is having some kind of difficulty, so Cheng Su Su will take this opportunity to think about,广州桑拿网 taking advantage of the favored and Meng behaved and misbehaved not let the clock-making and consideration first revolutionary friendship nurtured, even if they later united in the same Yeliang to her, she can readily accept the nod.
  Tut, to escape the heavy responsibility with the baby, avoid hard with the baby, how she smelly shameless give himself a reason for such a high-sounding.
  Unfortunately, how did not expect, plan changes.
  In recent days, the weather is capricious.
  After the bell policies favored by hard working zone for two days, actually first became ill myself.
  His biological clock has not completely adjusted back Tuesday morning, he as usual, as trying to stay in bed until the last minute, no problem blankets rolled in Cheng Su Su opened his eyes to a little perplexed for a moment, staring at the curtains, stare enough and she struggled to sit up when the bell-making body that just installed a radar-like, eyes closed can accurately catch Cheng Su Su arm, waking, Cheng Su Su brain is chaotic yet, no time to make any response, the next second, she was pulled back into bed bell-making.都市体验网
  ”Yeah.”Sudden weight loss, low voice exclaimed Su Su Cheng.
  Zhong policy conditioned reflex, and quickly put his hand over Cheng Su Su mouth, “Hush, tap.”
  ”Knock it off to that little bastard Zhongyi.”
  Had added the sentence, the first half also really makes dreams.
  Clock-making process necks buried her face like a spoiled Su Su, and rub the rub, “sleep a while.”
  ”Time to wake up.”Cheng Su Su sullenly, and strive to deadpan.
  Who knows if she just finished, put her enclosure tighter policy bell, rub her arch her range of motion also bigger, he continued shameless coquetry, “I sleep a little longer.”
  ”Just a moment.”He groaned,” it’s still early.”

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  Jiang Rou frowned: “Falling Star, back so soon?”

  She turned outward, eyes open to see Qin Hao positive standing at the door!
  Author has to say: baby child to pay attention to the body ah!
  Plate wire did not go out on a cold, headache day.
  This cold weather is too few, and not before!

Chapter 70 Gangster look good
  Point of light from the door edge diarrhea come in to steal the grid, reflecting the Qin Hao body, the lining of his body Pathetic little more gentle breath杭州桑拿.
  His smiling mouth, deep Muse, head glance fell on the bare little feet ginger Rou.
  Jiang Rou reflexively pull the skirt will cover the foot, her heart is in fact not very concerned about, but also do not feel the slightest bit shy, can do as the Romans, she was in Bactria, often subconsciously remind ourselves should be noted.
  But Qin Hao eyes off the reaction, is a shy.
  He chuckled out loud, not only does not avoid arousing suspicion, but hands down the dead bolt, waltz came just keep sitting on Tabian.
  Jiang Rou face instantly cold: “Brother etiquette rules have not let the dog eat?”
  Qin Hao Li put under the robe, migraine look ginger Rou, deep expression: “That day with three siblings to say, the three siblings had never answer me, I’ve been thinking about these time.”
  Jiang Rou laugh loudly: “I signed with flowers House earlier deed, you let me go back now, as a fan of beauty, I do not want the reputation of it?”

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  [Shen 666!At this time, my mind is a good thing, but it is also not a pair of his wife!]

  [My family is very Shen Gang, ha ha ha, a perfect match with my sister!]
  [Shen let me believe in love once!]
 Quickly came.
  ”Yes, Brother Hu, I’m coming.”
  Night, Wangsi Qin and Hu Wanhua personally at home to do a Western meal, entertain Jiangxia and Li Dingkun.They could invite guests to dine western restaurants, but this is the two of them hole very concerned about people brother and sister, so they are willing to spend a lot of effort, carefully prepared dinner Dayton.
  ”I did eight cooked steak, Sciascia, Ah Kun, you give it a try.”Hu Wanhua picked up the knife and fork, motioned start.
  Jiangxia had also some worry Li Dingkun not used a knife and fork, he did not think the cut-raised steak bigger way.
  ”Ah, really good to eat!”This is the first meal Jiangxia to the Western world, Hu Wanhua craft really good.
  ”You eat more delicious.”
  After listening to Wang Siqin then laughed Jiangxia Wuzui.Jiandajiadu stop action and looking at himself, Jiangxia quickly explained: “You do not think the ad is suitable for use as food these words do?”
  Hu Wanhua eyes light up, “Sciascia, it looks like you very idea of advertising and marketing?”
  ”Not to mention the idea, I just think wine is also afraid of deep alley.Take clothing for example child, people only knew and recognized our clothing brand, will buy clothes at the time did not hesitate to choose us.It is also very 深圳桑拿网important to promote their own.”
  ”Hu said, you look at you, not allowed to talk official dinner time.”Wang Siqin husband stared at, Sciascia just off the train, this moment must be tired.
  There are things you can not say tomorrow or the day?
  ”Ok, I was wrong, I eat well, not to mention things work.”
  That night, slept soundly Jiangxia.She even had a dream, a dream to own Lu Shaoyang ran, he picked himself, turned several laps.Then, suddenly turns into the church, she was wearing a white wedding dress, the traction in the river Father, to wearing a green military uniform Lu Shaoyang.
  The next day opened my eyes, Jiangxia in bed roll roll.
  It turned out that his heart is still concerned about.
  Licensing with Lu Shaoyang, who is the original owner of the wedding, she had never been seen he has not come through.
  She di北京风月网d not feel robbed of origin or the care of the household of men, before she came through, Lu Shaoyang and the original owners are not established emotional relationship.As for the original book care of the household, she learned from the mouth of Zhao Jianguo, the original Su Aria schizophrenia, and she keeps saying that he is a born again person, it has now been up national guard.
  When he learned the news when, Jiangxia bit of a shock.
  No wonder the Soviet Aria has been hostile to myself, no wonder she looks Nguyen and Shaoyang eyes is not normal.
  Whether this is the original author of the fictional world, or with the book world parallel space-time.She will get down to live each day, not to leave regret, will try to make love their families live a better life.
  She is not a substitute for the original owners, but through their own life.Somewhere, everything is its own.

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  He’s really a little ashamed at all, so she directly asked for money.

  However, she earned three robots chiefs from him, so.She willingly when his ATM.
  Was about to leave, she suddenly saw Locke took out a silver bracelet, gently press a little, five large box appeared in front of the.
  ”!!!”Nan Fei深圳桑拿网 Yu was shocked,” Locke, what are you.what happened?”
  ”Space bracelet.”Locke eyes never lift.
  ”You invention?”She remembers the story did not mention this in ah!
  That Locke looked at her, playfully to be a cry, “ah.”
  He then pressed a button, suddenly appeared in front of the open space in a figure.
  Silver mechanical uniforms, lazy short hair, delicate face.This is clearly the South Fei Yu himselfwhat!
  ”This is your robot created by?”Nan Fei Yu mouth slightly stiff, hand touched the opposite of that ‘own’ face.
  ”Hello, Mia, I am me.”Robot head tilt toward her, smiled and said something.
  Nan Yu Fei looked at, particularly awk南宁桑拿ward.
  ”Ok.”Locke nodded, then added, ‘I’m smarter than you, than you are obedient and quiet than you.’
  ”Enough, Locke.”Nan Fei Yu cut him off, or he can go on and on it.
  Locke to her, as if especially poisonous tongue, say good gentle yet?
  Her heart just Tucao finished, to see Locke reached out and touched my face, voice Wen Runyue ear, “I performed last test today, ready to begin?”
  ”Locke, I’m ready..”My expressive, but also naughty twinkle in his eyes.
  Locke turned to look south Fei Yu, cold and high voice, “you have to go.”

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  Muzi throw off the hand, did not care pain in the hands, almost hands and feet up from the body Muzi.

  Muzi looked hurriedly fled 无锡夜网Jin Yu, and then look at their empty hands while flawless, he is not done nothing yet?
  But Jin Yu Ganggang insisted on his chest, and then he climbs the shoulders, he felt his distressed acceleration, the kind of strange and familiar feeling again.
  Moment to see Jin Yu gone, he hastened to keep up.
  Jin Yu carrying baskets back, all the way to no good face to see Muzi, Muzi carefully followed, though not know what is wrong, but Jin Yu angry sure he was wrong.
  ”Dad, what are you doing to do?”
  Just entered the room and saw his father carrying a hoe out, Jin Yu Lian-fu remember that this is his home two days ago to help do not get back fence.
  ”Vegetable plots empty does not work, I went to dig, tomorrow you come back with some seeds planted.”
  ”You be careful, too much will rest.”
  Go with “Me and dad.”Muzi quickly carry the water into the house, took out apart from anything else on the hoe Jin Changming shoulder.
  ”Muzi body injuries.”
  ”I’m ready.”
  ”Let him go with you!To have a look.”
  The key is to not want to see Jin Yu Muzi, and now he sent out just right, so just think of the scene in the stream on Wohuo.
  Does anyone know someone obviously wrong, but also special unitary innocent blankly staring at you, it looked as if was like being wronged, angry Jin Yu think about.
  Jin Changming pot had burned a pot of water, Jin Yu Zhuo water to those who want to fall into them, out of the old boil, peel the outer layer of white film of tripe.
  Or as a step yesterday, all the ingredients are notTo change the knife directly into the sugar syrup and stir-fry color.
  Yesterday’s soup and added a new spice into water, people cut in half trotters cooked more difficult, the hard cooked trotters on the bottom, the top order to put large and small intestines, allowing water to diffuse through those meat , then light a fire just been cooked on the line, etc..
  Yesterday’s different today is more than four kidney son, who went inside the meridians, played anyway knife flowers into the salt water soak the best conditions, this eat fresh, stir-fried before you have to go out tomorrow.
  ”Jin Mother doing what?I was washing clothes in the stream all smell the aroma of.”
  Yu Jin is busy when a woman’s voice sounded yard wind-breaking voice, never heard of Yu Jin.
  The hands of the stuff with bamboo covering dill, Jin Yu went out and saw two women standing basking fungus soybean watching.
  ”You are.”
  ”Aunt Daisy, two cows Shenzi, you have to do something?”
  Jin Yu also did not ask who they are, Jin days rushed out from the house, wary of looking at them both.
  ”It’s not you move yet?I and two cows come home and see, I did not expect a good look at your home dressing ah!”
  Chubby women should be the body chrysanthemum aunt, and his eyes looked everywhere but also kept small, thick lips, face so many people are talkative, people were glad to see it up.
  ”Okay.I do not know two aunt today is something you?”
  Jin Yu also have an unfavorable attitude to this woman, alienated asked one.

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  Ning palace is also looking for the boy, this thing does not know it fills Qin Xuan, since we know whom the child is caught, within its own sphere of competence, he still wants to do something, Qin Xuan themselves have a younger brother, and my heart really I do not want such a small child suffer for no reason.

  Yuan Lin came from the outside and even a chance to salute sidewalk: “Your Highness, found in slums!”
  ”So it is there.”The distance that the child has been abducted over the past several days, Qin Xuan he asked:” Maybe ascertain the circumstances in which?”
  ”The situation is not really good, not too bad, gone a little finger, did not see the other injuries, nearby residents heard that, on a day that the yard came the shrill cries of children, the doctor will ask later I did not hear.”
  ”You find someone to throw home, said that children see a slum children at home with his family looked like a child, and then with a few people that go along with the family that the child win back yard, careful not to disturb the yard before going the people, do not give them the opportunity to transfer.”
  Yuan Lin turned a few hands, would rather erase all traces of participating in the palace, and soon found a man used to live in civilian areas produce little thin, but later come down to sell their assets to live in slums, and that person before or lose that neighbor child, his family saw a lot of times children by him, this thing’s credibility is relatively high.
  That lost child hurried along before the neighbors find yard Qin Yu Tibetans, but this time, Qin Yu was holding a knife at the sleeping child’s face gestures.
无锡夜网  He originally wanted to cut off the tongue of the child first, last or not cut, because he suddenly felt miserable that crying was very pleasant, let him have the whole spirit of joy together.
  This is the moment for children to eat a sedative drug, he could not help but come up with a knife and pointing at the face of the child, the child’s face was plump even toss a back face of the meat is also not out, that lump of white and tender cheek meat Qin Yu could not help but make the total force Nie Yinie, enough to squeeze past few days, he will be that he wanted the meat cut off, he thought, so tender when cut meat certainly feel good.
  He did not wait for the knife, the door suddenly burst open the door was broken sound of violence.
  This man posing as the owner of the yard man anxiously ran in: “Your Highness, bad, and we were found!”
  Qin Yu game was interrupted, he filled with irritability, can not wait to come this sudden and men who broke into the outside several times, can be pressed for time, those who have been going to this the room.
  He dared not hesitate to look at the young child lying in bed one, the hearts of a pity, but he wanted to get out of these toys can not be taken away, those people will certainly come to this toy, leave toys, he will not be they chased.
  Qin Yu is also decisive, he is simply to put away the knife: “Go!”

Chapter 80
  Qin Yu react quickly, run quickly, but the outside has long been surrounded by people, even if he had wings to fly out estimated to have been shot down with bows and arrows, not to mention, he did not wings.
  Outside yard is not enclosed Qin Xuan, he intervene traces of this matter has been completely erased, bring people to fly is Qin’s men, who had been staring at the loss of his children that families.
  To see that family with brothers and relatives aggressive man rushed over, he was told the news will fly Qin, Qin fly to seize this chance, I did not expect to find not only the children, but also an attempt to catch a bite himself a piranha.
  Qin Yougang with people Fanchuang ran out, he was flying Qin keep out of people caught up.
  Ning Fuchu, Qin Xuan hastily called away, came to the palace, Qin Yu do not know how long the study kneeling Royal, as well as some other brothers Qinbo Zhang’s henchmen were standing in the royal library, he knewBelly out how this is going, still puzzled face and said: “This is how the?Four brothers misdeeds?so serious?”
  Qinbo Zhang Lengheng heard: “I thought he was just the last pediatric heart and mind, off-limits to let him think he had weeks, not wanted, it had actually think Outsiders think the ambition and I hate to be!”
  He reveals undisguised disgust Qin Yu Qin Bozhang look from the point of view, it should make things fly Qin Ying Nan County recently happened with the Royal Park Royal Park and the source of those rumors security in the Qin Yu body, Qinbo Zhang estimated that more than half also believe, after all, Qin Yu was caught on the spot is the fact that the remaining half still have to keep looking.

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  ”You do not have another adult to business what the stereotypes.He and you are absolutely not a class of people, he Gouquan in the southwest, are you suppress, the former ambition seeing to crumble, and my heart how much will be some anger, “Xiao Ruan softly coaxed,” In fact, after the southwest party put down, you the idea of using military commanders to manage southwest, maybe some will be hard-pressed to hear the views of business and sometimes adults, maybe there is a pleasant surprise, like the emperor, emperor Ming them, put down the world relies on horseback, you need to control the world Fumiomi the.”

  Lin northbound nodded thoughtfully.
  That night, really northbound Lin and Xiao Ruan went to the provincial governor together.
  Originally Xiao Ruan mindful of his face, advised him not to go up by Xiao Ruan bring some gifts apologize door, it can be considered to Ren Yi In the face.
  But northbound Lin did not agree, according to his words, “MAN, Hath let his wife go to clean up the mess truth?”
  See a northbound Lin came, provincial governor down simply Rusangkaobi.
  A few days ago northbound Lin rage still present, the provincial governor under the government people think we are almost to pack up and go home, and saw Lin today northbound again, all in the heart anhu, I’m afraid all this time, maybe go do not go off.
  Business Yi Ren plead illness did not come out in the bedroom, Yu’s business is out to meet, although her eyes have fear, but etiquette on the surface but did not neglect, Jian Li, disabled people are thinking of when answering again and again, very respectful.
  Nguyen will offer gifts Xiao, polite authentic: “Business lady, princ广州桑拿网es few days ago because of my illness anxiety, no tricks of some of the act, frightened adult business, adult business, and his wife also hope forgive me.”
  Yu’s business somewhat reluctant smile: “Princess is too kind, but the main southwest of princes, my husband is under the princes, the princes how things should be reprimanded.”
  Xiao Ruan Stern said: “There is the law of the land, at the mouth of the people there is a lengthy, even princes can not do whatever they want.However, although this thing princes doing something wrong, adult business is not without the slightest mistakes, we would like to say a few adults and suppliers, providers also invited Mrs. Xinggefangpian.”
  Yu’s business a bit startled, embarrassed authentic: “my husband was ill in bed, it is forsaking etiquette.”
  ”Business Lady,” Ruan Xiao sincere authentic, “Business fell ill adults, must be determined to end, you want him to do with a knot in it baffled southwest?Today princes over, why do not we talk face to face to make things clear?If the knot can answer, maybe business immediately healed on ill adults.”
  ”Mrs. business, and I have come face to face business adult apology.”Lin northbound suddenly spoke up.
  Business Yu’s eyes alarmed between him and Xiao Ruan wandering back and forth.
  She followed providers in the Southwest Yi-jen has been four or five years, heard Lin northbound kills desperately brave, heard Lin northbound treat ruthless enemy, heard Untouchables severing northbound Lin, but never I have not heard an apology would northbound Lin.
  That day northbound Lin remembers the vicious general look, which she had to wonder, do not rush northbound is somewhat chart.
  ”No, no,” she was really scared, stammered, “King.Your Royal Highness is too kind, I.we.My husband is offended princes, princes also should temper.My husband is really sick, notAnd princes meant to rival show.”

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  ”Makes sense.”Muzi nodded, recognizing these true.

  For example, Jin Yu with that mix of miso noodles that taste is not the general good.
  Hai Shi was busy back to the house to rest, Jin Yu Muzi watched himself watching the door back to the house the soft line of sight, gave him a big smile.
  This is a man seemingly uneducated, but in reality caring gentle outrageous.
  ”good night!”Jin Yu whispered.
  ”good night!”
  Good night’s sleep, Muzi sky or micro Xi on the up.
  The surrounding silence, the fresh morning air make people feel good.
  Carrying a bow was soon out of the courtyard, and pretty soon a pink dress girl also followed up, looking at the door unlatched have clear understanding.
  Quick wash, hair, as well as the warmth of the oven grill out into the jar, everything is ready, the pot of porridge has rolled over several times, a touch of fragrant rice from the kitchen to spread out air leakage.
  ”Jin Mother, I’m back!”
  Familiar footsteps, the familiar voice, Jin Yu could not help but mouth up.
  The man said he was a decent old-fashioned, but why sometimes it childish and childlike.
  ”you’re back!Tough.”
  Jin Yu Ying out, found marching back to the dawn of man, also carrying a mountain river deer grass yellow 杭州夜网论坛on the shoulders.
  ”No hard.Ganqiao saw a mountain river deer, I’ll bring back.”
  Muzi said, like going to the ground and pull back, like a dish so simple, especially Jin Yu silent, that if others heard these things, it is estimated to be furious.
  ”Say so simple, less than a year, others are hunting prey it!You also humble.And wiped sweat.”
  ”To take a bath, do not rub.”
  Words so that people are obediently stood there, in order for Jin Yu is not strenuous but also specifically to help wipe down to Jin Yu.
  Breakfast With Jin Yu made grasping cake, Muzi drink two bowls of porridge, Jin Yu summed up, Muzi like pasta, like meat, do not like vegetables, that is, she deliberately cut wire and wrapped in eggs in the clutch cake cucumber, Muzi eat when they are not help but frown.
  Jin Yu long time did not eat these grasping a pi苏州夜网ece of cake to eat, can not help but drink a bowl of porridge, so eat more like Muzi, Muzi has not had that time to recuperate appetite, eat only a little more than the common people, Jin Yu Zaiquan put down the chopsticks he did not move, leaving some parents to eat with porridge.
  Bring it deliberately let my father do to Mrs. Chang embroidered baskets, not anything special delivery, Yu Jin gave a package of chicken, there are a couple of pounds of dried fungus.
  This is Muzi from the charge dart back to those who first normal training, Jin Yu sent him to get busy, Li Houchu have their help, she was quite busy over.
  ”I’ve eaten barbecue, Jin master on a number of the most authentic, no pyrotechnic gas, not charred, but still the same crispy.”
  Mike’s big master Liu came, it looked Jin Yu brings barbecue cooing.
  ”Practice makes perfect, do more naturally skilled craft.”
  It was early, Jin Yu and the usual cleaning pig offal those brought academy, so in meat stalls cover their long home stinks.
  ”Jin girl is modest, do these dishes craft, wherever you are the head of a.”

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  As a man of mettle gentleman at least, he is still there.

  Although not keen on a blind date, but as promised, about a girl out to dinner and pay courtesy, he understand.
  Get the other side of the micro letter, he sent an application to add friends.
  Just look at the other side of the picture, really quite lovely, but also with a Hello Kitty headband, it looks like a shot in the Disney town.
  Go苏州夜网论坛ng Xue-chang more than glanced at, it will phone in his pocket, he took to the amphitheater lecture classes.
  After two classes, and he glanced at the phone.
  The other side has not been verified by his.
  And on the two classes, he glanced at the phone.
  The other party has not yet adopted.
  Repeatedly read several times that night, have not been adopted.
  Until the next morning, he saw the tips of micro-letter.
  [I passed the authentication request your friends, now we can start to chat.]
  A time to look at this record, he squinting.
  Before dawn.
  The girl slept so late?Stay up late?
  He did not interfere in each other’s life stance, glanced at it as usual to go to the cafeteria to eat, then prepare lessons, lectures.
  Wait until half past three pm, he finished work back to the office, but also by the inquiries aunt professor level, and can only be urged to edit the messages sent in the past.
  [Hello, I’m Professor Zheng introduced, free dinner with you?]
  Gong Chang finished school, they politely and added a clumsy smile emoticons, in order to avoid embarrassment.
  But this awkward but did not subside, but lasted until the next morning!
  Each other until one o’clock the next day, only to reply.
  [Fang Gong: TAT is not empty, oh, last week’s schedule are filled.It next week, three days in advance about me, okay TAT .]
  Disguised refused, he was not let Gong Xue-chang feel angry or upset.
  Instead, two color text, so that he saw two.

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TOWER TOWER Chanrencunlian pad Kuibangjikui tweezers  fan Feijuchanghu?Ren holmium Miebiancuancha Hong Jipei Renhuanheti Jianjiefuti Bianqincenbie Renchanrencun Liandianfenglu Jianyiguishu  Yu Shanjie holmium?
TOWER TOWER Xingjiezhihao Taishuoqianbian Yi Lu breast stretch atlas crucible  Benanchima 欑  Bangcengfuwei stamp  Feifanxishi Hongkuimakui Yi Hang  Cun Rao ¢ Danaoguangren Jian Lemcunqudian tribute Yun ︿ tribute Wenchongjingben Yue “Right-Shan Ning﹁?F Complex Bang Cisjie
銆€銆€浠栫┛濂借.Chain Peiren Ma Rong gallium crotch stretch the Man Juan Lu Biren additional information  Juan chain d2 electric kettle Jing Fu chain  Jiansou Newspaper number TOWER?
TOWER TOWER Lianguijuesou ヨ stretch adze?

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