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Witnessed the May 12 earthquake, I left just for your courage

Witnessed the May 12 earthquake, I left just for your courage 5.12 earthquake of 9-year note: Envision that summer nine years ago, and I feel very heavy, canceled all entertainment, do not sing, do not jump, do not loud noises, frolic, just pray for people lost in the earthquake, praying!  ▼ nine years, as if just yesterday, 2:28, never forget..  After that moment, we can not see the TV, the reports of the earthquake could not see, because we live in the house also collapsed!  Roof rack dumped on the refrigerator, TV, coffee table and other items are all smashed beneath it, the room full of bricks and clay.  Fortunately, at that moment the house began to shake, and I immediately picked up two years old son ran to the downstairs.  Then, out of the house began to dust, bricks, roof and I watched the entire east wall collapsed down!  I carried my son a move can not move the same standing as the cradle of the road, my legs began to tremble, the heart began beating violently: it would fall to?  I stood here will collapse it?  I where to go?  My mind is very confusing ideas, I do not tightly holding his son down, I’m afraid, afraid of the ground and then split a seam.  Next, the communication is interrupted, a loud sound.  All the families of the troops have been placed on the small square in hospital.The soldiers continue to help out has been nearly eight years late uncle aunt who, hero of the Republic, the old soldier, military parents.They were helped slowly, be placed in the open field of the earth.They experienced the baptism of the war years, their calm and kindly let my heart some stability.  That day, in the continuing aftershocks, rain, night falling, thunder and lightning, we had a terrible night together in two military vehicles on bus!  ▼ So far, no news her husband, I know they must have dispatched emergency.  Helicopters overhead constantly takeoff, landing, from the first moment of the disaster, did not stop, I understand what they’re doing.  The next day, we lost a home, lost water, electricity, gas, we began to live in tents.  It is really a unforgettable day on that open grassland, thunder and lightning in the top of the head, often little son with open eyes in horror, stunned.  My thirties before experienced the disaster, less than two years old he went through!I can not not strong, even then fear, then panic also tried to pretend nothing, he smiled and play games.  Despite the humid, muggy, mosquito bites, but I never heard anyone complain, old and young families living in a tent, we take care of each other, help each other, already a family!  Aircraft will hear the sound of rumbling continuously every day, the sound of 120 emergency ambulance, rescue people din.  I secretly pray for their fuel, I know there are struggles in life, in the struggle, and I silently pray, they pray, pray for all the people are safe, safely weather the storm!!  However, disaster is always ruthless.  I will never forget, can not find the rows of children’s school bags, anxiously looking around the children’s parents, not to forget the scene when a helicopter crashed five bodies of martyrs is pulled back: from families it’s a few minutes through the hospital, the street no one would not be moved, tears, the former most familiar comrades ah, had also eat noodles near the noodle shop, eat dumplings, and he would eat hot pot, and women had also friends walking on this road.  With the team, people spontaneously went to the airport to see off five fallen heroes!Watched the team, I had burst into tears: So back yet, a fresh life ah, one happy family, the families of the martyrs memorial service on tears, white-haired people who sent hair scene are all as people distraught.  Especially memorable is his comrades Chen Lin Lieshi more than a week old daughter saw the sound of my father hung his father’s legacy with the shout, so that people of a broken heart., Why is so fragile, something that is so strong!  Silently blessing and wish them all the best!  ▼ while reducing the frequency of aftershocks, I took his son’s little hand standing in the airport on the edge, distance to her husband and his comrades busy: various checks before and after the flight, ready to install materials, every morning from 5:30 till evening 11,2 o’clock, even have to eat lunch, only the use of transition time gnawing dry noodles!  Income classes every day to see her husband tired, full of energy the next day and look, I can not stand.He did a careful man, the work, the family will not let go due diligence heart, I suddenly felt what he should do for.  I should let him relieve some of the burden and fatigue, and troops should not give him any trouble, and we he will be distracted by his side as his wife and children, work so tired, but also think of the children and take care of me, too tired!I can not be so selfish.  They should dedicate themselves to the disaster areas, where they need help and rescue!  So, I decided to return home and son.  When the Baoji-Chengdu railway opened to traffic, with sadness for that, but also with attachment to her husband, I took my children and left the Chengdu returned home.  Along the way, full of care and miss, heck, how I always felt so heartless, selfish, let her husband a man there.  There are a lot of family members after the earthquake are not going to go, have confidence no matter what the family together at all times, but I how Instead, leave her husband at this time with others.  I burst into tears, so heartless that he left alone a man fled, her husband did not know how to think, I do not know that he would not blame me?  I just think there will be an increased burden on him, his workload is too heavy, I just do not want to drag his hind legs, he can hope better to protect the flight, more people go to disaster relief.  I was born in a military family, married to the military, I know them too: they always put difficulties in my heart, unknown.When disaster strikes will always be in front of them, no turning back, vigorous and resolute.  They are the backbone of steel, is the most powerful backing of our people, the people’s army for the people of selfless dedication, this is definitely not a slogan and a high profile, they used their numerous actions prove once again what is the value of military!  ▼ nine years, every year 5.12 anniversary, I will have the courage to watching a documentary, because it did not want to go all out to witness.However, always wanted to forget but I still can not forget, it seems to have cast a moving monument to the memory of a lifetime!  Experienced the earthquake, so I have some from start underestimate the importance of the pursuit, put down!What promotion ah, ah status, money, fame and fortune, the intrigues of the competition, these are what count ah, and the value of human life is the most valuable!  From the day after the earthquake panic, my heart will be the emergence of a constantly moving, touching on people, life moved on, moved on life.  So far, the mood began to heavy, do not want to go to recall every detail, the deceased have to, living in Utah, willing the dead rest in peace, living people’s well-being!  At the same time also want to cherish the memory of that disaster is better to motivate yourself, motivate yourself to cherish all, motivate yourself better, more true to life!  Life is still beautiful, still good life!  Peacetime, people never seem to feel less than the value of the military.However, before the disaster, the people who gather the sound of tears shouted was: People’s Liberation Army to the People’s Liberation Army came to thank the PLA saved us!  When asked who is the most beautiful people in today’s society?I hope people will say: they!They are soldiers who!  A swarthy face on a show of youthful charm, I think whether in war or in peace, they will always be the era of the most beautiful people!  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