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Give me holy water!Yishan Great God

“Su Baizhang cliff crack, four wall opening SHANDAN.Dragon ejecting circadian raw thunder.”Every time I see the photograph of” seeking Cui Hermit Baizhangya waterfall “I knew it would recite from the ‘poet’ Li Bai of this famous poem, let me in for a piece of the picture waterfalls volley, Zhu Hua burst the strange beauty full of infinite expectations.Asked well-known phase, realized that this is due to “East Tarzan” in a famous poem Quotes.Since that Zhefan views, and how to choose again in future, then leave immediately, rushed to the hearts of “Xanadu”.    Perhaps impatient, not considered a good time, come here, it is already evening.Although it is true, but also some different kind appear another beautiful night – golden shine Dongdaemun!    At this time it is not only magnificent, extraordinary lights, it is the perfect combination Qionglouyuyu fine and beautiful classical architecture magnificence together, people forget.Before, also visited Beijing’s Forbidden City and the Summer Palace, but did not enjoy the beauty of the night was this, is very shortcoming.At a time, the city’s buildings stood looking around bottomed carriage around, surprised to feel the hearts of many brightly lit open-minded, as if through time and space, back to the dream of the Tang Dynasty!Watch “Kaiyuan Golden Age” of lanterns activities with Emperor Taizong, bustling.    The night wind gently blowing, like a pair of real estate broker in My Fair Lady stroking his face, poetry and hymns Masaoki already knew it in my heart, but can not really speech.Because at this time we do not use all the beautiful words to describe the mood at this time.Think of the past scenes of life experiences, whether joy or sadness, are turned into dust at the moment, we are like the night wind dreamlike general.Dongdaemun down brightly-lit, have discovered that late at night, then sleep immediately, so dreamy feelings for his unparalleled interweaves a “Night of the fairy tale”.    The next day the sun seems to be very mild, so naturally when I wake up still feeling nostalgia dream last night, and to say also very amazing, a dream last night that he was very clearly remember, let me come very inspired, then quickly mention pen and wrote the story line of the dream.Accompanied by this wonderful feeling, I have to play with the team today embarked on a very infinite longing to play tour.White brick crossed the Golden Water Bridge, we came to the east scenic Zhenmiao one of the “five scenic Yishan”.    Here quiet and elegant, scholarly very strong, visited the temple gods, Doumu Gong, sixteen Imperial Wax Museum, pond and released Beilin and other famous attractions, all secretly moved by the praise.And I was most memorable about the attractions is that the book “keeper” of the story – General Temple!    After remember Xuanwumen become legend, the emperor because Shanie too, often heard at night outside the bedroom throwing bricks thrown tile, call ghosts, nightmares often sleepless nights, even dreamed about my brother and brother with demons to kill him, and the hearts of very frightened, and his men two generals Qinshubao Weichigong and that the matter will be volunteered and holding weapons standing guard in front of their night, so he will be able to sleep peacefully.Can be a long time, two generals long sleepless nights, finally both fell ill, the emperor had ordered their image on paper, posted on the door, to deter evil spirits, this is the origin of the “keeper” of.While this story sounds very mysterious, but this time really stood the house of generals, watching these two brave sturdy “Ye gods,” we still have to praise also lamented: praise, both of them in prowess, have people can take the heads of millions of soldiers such as the ability Tannangquwu military; sigh, he kept his military life, although the situation but also killing many.    Out of the palace, came to the prestigious Beilin, the monument is reported here are three: one is the emperor issued an edict to this ritual in the Yubei; one is vertical monument at the emperor instructed the minister to worship, there is a scholar letters to set a praise of the lateral tablet Yishan.Although a strong preference Chenghua eight years (1472) the emperor sent Shandong Justice Liu Yishan aging to worship the covenant tall “Heaven climbed town of Qidong,” the inscription, and its elegant calligraphy are very generous appreciate, but a careful analysis of its features to the product, or feel some of it straightaway men of letters!After Bixi seen under the founding emperor Zhu Yuanzhang Yishan to the covenant, “Chao Yue Zhenhai given blasphemy No. monument,” giving me the opportunity and experience the “dragon have nine sons,” the legend.The original Bixi is a big dragon prince, good weight, so good for the emperor pack monument.And folk goes: touch Bixi head, do not worry lifetime; touch Bixi back, protect your glory and wealth; touch Bixi Ding, life is not sick.Although these statements knowing that only the good longing, but to see a lot of people over the last touch Bixi head, and I still follow the crowd under.But my head is not touched, but it’s Ding, because for riches, or health is more important, then greed too heavy, but not very efficacious.    ”Water is the aura of the mountain”, that is really extraordinary meaning, after paying homage to God, “Dongan King” and the palace of the wonders of Ganoderma Dong Yishan, we came to the scenic waterfall Baizhangya.Looking at the “Fei Liu wet clouds, birds splash surprise” waterfalls, this ancient chant “Baizhang waterfall cold in June,” the famous, sitting cents off the booth next read of snow Mino Taoist title Fuxi Meng relegated linked “Mountain static air your breath, springs high road knowledge source “, who felt there was a sense of Xian Qi shrouded, as if Cultivation enlightenment in general, really excited.Booth, I drink a cup of green tea quiet, impressively find wonderful life is no different, only to be considered the most beautiful found himself!    Gently lifted not far from the clear stream, it was about the time of the introduction of nature’s most pristine aura, a green palm leaf fall, are like a boat floating above the lake, and I would not mind the reward will be a natural to me a drink of water down, cool summer suddenly Qinru heart, feeling as if immersed in crystal lake in general, exceedingly refreshing.I think this line is the legendary holy water right!Geometry of life, clean water to drink too many, here only a drink that gave me a thorough and cool.I think this is not simply because of the hot summer, more is produced is rendered pure natural scenery intoxicated feeling it!    If there really is a God, I hope, “Great God Yishan” It gave me more than some of these holy water, so that I can worry about things encountered in real life can drink a small cup of when, immediately forget their troubles, his voice live ; so I can drink a small cup of happily ever do this, do not share the honor of living, open-minded, to create new happiness; but let me again be able to drink a glass in the face of life-changing, the degree of virtue within their means, size up the situation, go to complete frustrated wish.Although I said to myself here a little greedy, but he is still just think that there are really holy water port Reiki, because up to now has been actually start from a pure heart Shao Yu, without any trouble, just want to be happy and wonderful tied into a coil in the wrist on.    In the Realm through Dong Regency, and walk in Shenlong Grand Canyon.First heard the name, it is easy to think of Stephen Chow, “The Deer” in the “Dragon teaching”.But just feel nothing, but the real thing without any contact.If I have to say there are similarities, I think they should have a spiritual, it seems obvious dragon god, while the Dragon is to teach Reiki share these dragon becomes a spiritual guide, while Dragon Grand Canyon malpractices which shares the Dragon Aura becomes a natural culmination.After watching over a unique view of three Diepu, people really amazing endless, because cascades falling instantly even with the wind, the birds blend in together, into a nature original ecology of the symphony; in rain cloth table it looks strange, here is the legend of the dragon Kap Shui cloth rain place, but also the West Queen Mother’s palace; and cloth rain audience Nalv spring is lovely, because it is ambergris spring, it is clear censor Chen Fengwu “Gordon Baizhangya view waterfalls spring” in the “high Baizhangya lock Tsui smoke, Yulong saliva hanging mid-air” after the source language.    Homeopathic mountain, winding streets of old pines is the largest group of charm, let us in a different millennium old pines, oxygen garden products, test sword stone, rock groups and other styles attractions to enjoy, green grass, flowers dispute put natural oxygen bar.After twists and turns, we arrived at Lake holy water, holy water into drinking again, still feeling pure, with a touch of quality natural mellow.Let me also to “Yishan Great God” grateful once again, although this holy water can not make people live forever, but is still able to worldly worries and the summer heat together temporarily taken away, there are some Reiki.    After Qianxin to the law on the Hong Cloud Temple, one by one worshiped Buddha, Ocean’s 16 and Bodhidharma and other Buddhas, we came to the black air, here is the legend of “Water Margin” in the “Black Whirlwind” Li Kui for local female tiger killed.But here is the junction of two mountain mouth windy, dusty, camel roared down the mountain like a tiger roar is really a sigh and intimidating place.    Inter has come Yuhuangding removed, think of ten years ago has been to Yuhuangding Tarzan, the attraction of the same name came here, really feel very familiar, and once again enjoy “would be extremely Ling hills List small “natural scenery.After the pine restaurant to eat some nutritious snacks and drink Diet Yuzhu tea, we finally came to the last lion of attractions Gushan Gushan head tilt and other attractions.It also could not help but head carved from natural Seven Wonders from the “best in the world lion” lovely, towering and majestic momentum showed off more of its being moved, the moment was surprised to find it even with the head tilt Gushan and Yuhuangding as the situation in the Three Kingdoms general, disdain mountain clouds, but also to the myth of this nature between adjourned to ten million years.

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Everyone can be a genius

Genius is put on local talent.And ordinary people say the fool, is likely to be in the wrong place talent.    In my early literary societies a province of work, there was often little brother to walk, for everyone sacred cow.He was most fond of is to be a community member, there is a good writer birthright.Because write something really horrendous, it failed to do so.After some years, we know that he suddenly become wealthy, and to speak about literary societies on all the people of the literary world as long as there is here how the dinner is not worth shit.The reason why he became wealthy because he pulled advertisements for several media.Good relationships, should the time may be able to endure, this is his strong point.Although we scolded, but saw a little brother finally developed, was very pleased.    The same example, the very culture of the people I have seen.In the 1980’s studies at the university, there was very envious of our class teacher who often novel was published, would often invite a few students are familiar with the literary journal to a guest house, hoping they can help their own published works.My impression is that, to our graduation, he seems to have no literary works published.We are all a little guilty, that did not help on the busy teacher.Fortunately, the teacher finally to his huge success for us at ease: A few years ago we suddenly see him with his learning and eloquence became worth tens of millions of TV star, was very happy for him.    As for the world, even more such examples: poor high school grades root Steven Spiegel, no one is willing to admit his film school.But he went into the movie studio, learned the necessary skills.That produced many excellent reviews movies today, has become a household name director.Picasso had wanted to be a poet, his poetry was highly appreciative Mrs. Stein comment worthless, thus changing his mind.Fortunately, the lady Stein reminded the world that otherwise might have more of a bad poet, less a great artist.    In fact, everyone has probably a genius, but the place where it is appropriate.Delicious soup, dripping stains on clothes that is, even garbage, just put in the right place could become fertilizer cultivation of flowers.No one man is useless thing in the world, so the question is not put in the right place.In the deep forests without food without water, an illiterate mountain is a genius, because he knows in such desperate survival skills; if took him to the office and let him use the computer, he is likely to be regarded as an idiot.Some scientists singing tone deaf, some artists do not know a poem Master said, but on their professional they put yourself in the right place, it has achieved remarkable success.    The highest state of life, is to find the most suitable for their stage of life, play the unique talents and abilities, enjoy singing songs of life.

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Dragon Feast

Lunar New Year 1328 is Boshin years, the emperor was born.Because he was born August eighth, and therefore had the name of Zhu heavy eight.He was born poor, parents and brother died of poverty and pestilence, he had to become a monk became a monk.  He later boarded the throne, had destroyed the world is corrupt, no mercy.Although the ministers for his harsh very critical, but are silent resentment.On this day, Ning Guo Fei Zhu Yuanzhang sent to Ginseng and invited her to go to the palace chess emperor, the emperor readily agreed.  That evening, the emperor would rather stay in the palace Princess.At night, the emperor had a dream, he dreamed of the south suddenly burned a fire, the fire that big, it was still windy fire by the wind, and soon burn the palace.Service temple when he was being treated documents and found a large fire up, quickly call for help, but no one called for a long time to save him, he had ripped off the tablecloth on the desk case, go out into the house on his head wrapped ran outside.Just ran out of the doors of the house, I saw out of seven people, who looks fierce, surrounded him, one hand held gourd, gourd into his pendulum, gourd gushed a stream of flame.Then fire a flame into a circle, he middle cover.Seeing this situation, the emperor desperately loud cry, waking up, then the sky is already Mama Liang.  Zhu Yuanzhang no sleep, a dream scenario to put Ning Fei said, rather Fei said: This is not an auspicious dream ah.My father Guoshan Fu physiognomy will both be divine, or else ask him to give the emperor math?Ninth of respect for the emperor is the poor boy become, so it is believed that destiny, fate number or something, a rather Fei say it quickly agreed.  Guoshan Fu was invited to the palace soon after he heard the emperor repeat the dream, he said: emperor, fire dream palace, and a large fire itself, which is a large fierce trillion, which means that someone wants to harm the country emperor ah!Listen Guoshan Fu Zhu Yuanzhang say, surprised and said: I have this thing?Guoshan Fu pinch refers to forget for a moment, he said: emperor, those few people you dream of, according to Hill projections, is likely to be your opponent.You DingWei when the emperor was born in 28, then there must be private the same month on the same date at the beginning of August Boshin people.These people not willing to submit to you, is planning seize your country.Chen believes that this is God’s warning to the emperor!The emperor nodded and said: justified.  Guoshan Fu left, the emperor first reaction is to try to find the world with his birthday the same person, then get rid of all these people.But how to get rid of it?The emperor thought for a long time thought good.At this time, personal eunuch Wang Zhu Yuanzhang sent to a small bowl of Ginseng, also floating in a bowl two dates.He sipped slowly with a spoon, two dates in the collision in the spoon bowl a swing of a swing.With!The emperor suddenly a flash, with a good idea: why not quietly preparing two large dragon boat, dragon boat set dinner on the boat, which set up a dragon boat bilge good offices, to his birthday, to find these people and ask them to rafting case study see dragon boat sinking machine, to never troubles!So he began to build the command eunuch Wang secret dragon boat.  Soon, the emperor’s birthday is coming up.The emperor ordered that this year’s birthday he would ask a number of important guests, people born in the country should DingWei eighth day of August when Boshin are found, summoned the capital, gathered together to celebrate.  Dahir what officials across the country proclamation posted everywhere, and digging around for the person meets the conditions of this.Soon, all over the country to sign a seven.These people were sent to officials around the capital, the emperor he sent them to arrange a large inn stay, people wait on.Called to serve, but in reality monitoring.  This morning the emperor birthday, his first banquet ministers in the palace.In the afternoon, he will be summoned to the seven case study.At that time two dragon boat with a rope tied together, docked side by side, a special emperor, one designed to take guests.Looking ahead, this board to seven individuals, high high, short of short, fat fat, thin thin.Seen the ceremony, put on the banquet included two dragon boat lake.  Wine had a patrol, the eunuch Wang as planned, indicating little eunuchs untied the rope line between the two dragon boat, and let the two know water guard, into the special guests aboard that ship dragon boat’s cabin on standby.Actions signal that the emperor was riding dragon boat drum sounded three times, the security organs immediately start the guests were riding dragon boat, sinking ship.  Although it is known these people have died, but the emperor was very curious with their same month on the same date of what people are doing, they struck up a conversation with them.  The first named Wang Rongsheng, a beekeeper, bee fifteen boxes, each box there are tens of thousands of bees, spring and autumn every year countless nectar, be a queen.The second person called Liu Zhixian, the clear thin, is a private school, taught for many years, in fifteen places have had the private school, every student received fifteen.Third man called Han Deshou, better dressed, white skinned, look Fuxiang, with his inherited from our ancestors a craft live, life is pretty good.  At this time, the wine had two drinks, Wang see the emperor with these people talk, quite happy, it might affect plans, they quietly approached the courage to say the emperor: the emperor, minions are waiting for you under the command of it!  Listen Hande Shou said the emperor had ancestral craft, being Hing head, he waved to Wang Yun said: Do not interrupt, go away.This time, Liu Zhixian stood up and respectfully said: emperor, to say that Mr. Han’s craft can be a no, let him demonstrate something to the emperor on the spot.An emperor, naturally happy to clap, quickly nodded and said: Hande Shou, fast talk, what is your ancestral home craft?Hande Shou said: Hui Bing Long live, my house grandparents are making brush.Spread my generation, it has opened fifteen T Bank.Long live my trip to bring a gift, and if Hooray do not mind, I’ll presented.  The emperor nodded and said: goes to fast!Hande Shou quickly come up with a palette, and offered up.The emperor took to open it, there is a beautiful branch brush, pen engraved with four characters: pointing country.The good gift, laughingly accepted the emperor.Next, the remaining four were also say what they are doing, as Wang was a fisherman, his home a total of fifteen boats.Jiang Hong child is a farmer, home fifteen acres of land.Liu quarter with a slight stoop, a carpenter, and received fifteen apprentice, a total of fifteen family houses.Finally, an old lady Wang Wushi, the family living by hunting, her grandchildren a total of fifteen, though the days of the poor, but free, and it is happiness.  Unconsciously, the wine had four patrol the eunuch Wang did not see the emperor ordered the wreck, came forward to urge said: emperor, the wine had four patrol, and ordered it fast.  The emperor said: Wait!I listen to them, although each of you life is different, but all with the Tenth Five-Year figures on this, which is why?  Mr. Liu Zhixian ranging from teaching others to speak, stepped forward, said: emperor!The so-called interest-bearing things in the world are the root causes of law and destiny, I’ll wait for little people, although had the pleasure Long live the Lord the same birthday, but Tonggeng different life.You expensive for the emperor, has fifteen provinces, to guide the world common people; but I’ll wait for little people, only 15 copies of their own belongings, all fortune tellers security.I think the reason why God let us dare to fight with the emperor on the same day birthday, is to let our dedication to do their own thing, his assistant, long live the eternal country, I am afraid this is the reason God wants us born this day in.  At this time, six other individuals stood up, echoed Liu Zhixian, they also brought out their gifts presented to the emperor.Gift honey, fishery, wood, fur, etc., the emperor heart that I have with these is the world ah, each of them make up their own efforts come before them, if not these people, that I the world will be no.Think of this, he hastened to re guards and the two ships together, and invited seven people aboard own dragon boat, a real pleasure to give them something to eat and drink.  Later, take the time to send them, emperor were also sent them gifts.Seven people were sent Imperial City, just out of the gate, six to Liu Zhixian knelt down to thank him for saving grace.Originally, when the inn, Liu Zhixian chance to listen to the custody of their guards about it, know this ominous line, it might were killed!He quickly found the other six people to discuss, and finally a risky move to go forward, and sure enough by some rhetoric and prepared gifts to impress the emperor, this preservation of their seven lives.

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Red-billed crow my first dream

Bypass the Bay, saw the earth The temple beams, faint patch of poplar forest behind the village about now.Finally he arrived, just in front of home.Every time when the long-awaited homeland greets, there is always a passion and warmth. Stroking every inch of land home, Mountains water is so warm that way.Delicately dusty years, through the curtain of time, when the child begins to ferment good times, memories come back to the past, everything is so familiar, I saw the shadow of the year. I behaved child on the face, and his companions never fight, in fact, the bones belong to the standard “tease oil goods”. There is always a day to be tired, can not be consumed by passion.I can talk about learning listless, assignments hasty cope, often late morning study hall.I remember one time I went to the sleepy little hazy when school early study hall, teacher standing in front of the school a positive shake from the class bell.Oncoming teacher thick stone month I will ferret out the queue, so other students to recite the text with the new school of “new village, everyone loves learning, you should love to sleep (all labor of love)”. A person conscious when there is a dream, this dream will be with your life.Different ages, different dreams, whether noble or mediocre.Housing Houtu cliff “cucumber grass” grow seedlings, dig a few seedlings pulling hard on the palm slapping smell, the smell of cucumber nostrils, swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva greedy self, which is the rhythm of spring is coming.Spring is here, I have long admired the birds – red-billed crow appeared.Red-billed crow whole body through the translucent black, red beak and claws is even more evident in the distinctive red-billed crow.Most inviting red-billed crow is able to raise a pet, it is hovering in the sky, the owner of a whistle, it will fall in dive master on his shoulders, so that the owner Dayton was a hero.   Feeding Red-billed Crow became my childhood dream, had repeatedly led his dream run in the red-billed crow tree-lined mountains, there have been many times Giggles wake up from the dream.May be billed nutcracker can not make the dream, the holes in half its nest building cliff.The village had several adult men pulled from the cliff top rope tied down bile fat chicks dig through the red-billed crow, there is a man really keeping it big, and often let the red-billed crow standing on the shoulders stroll, show off show off everywhere.Prompting our gang kids mind straight itch, squatting in a circle around the red-billed crow, learn it to communicate with its sounds, to feel close to their smooth feathers.    The village has an adult say, there is something called “Huang Gua chatter,” the birds can raise as pets, the birds grow up to learn sound of birds.Tracking stalking for some time, I have two sons and nephew finally found a poplar branches fall down a nest of yellow chatter quack.When the news told to be good playmates five boy, TMK, and everyone was anxious to rush at Poplar dumbfounded.The trunk is very thick, stretched out his arms simply could not hold.The final decision, people do a ladder, climb on the deft kid to high five.I, two sons, TMK, five kid turn stacking station shoulders, relying trunk slowly stood up, full of victory in sight. “Boom” sound, I do not know where things went wrong, five kid from TMK was supposed to shoulder on the floor.Five kid lying there stiffly, eyes closed, teeth clenched, shouting no answer.The three of us around five boy, transfixed, do not know Zuosha.Fortunately, after a while, five boy opened his eyes slowly, slowly got up, does not matter. Two birds dig things temporarily stranded, but the dream never put down.That spring the fifth grade, she felt grown up, also has the ability to pick a red-billed crow of.One day, my nephew and two sons, five boy, TMK, the stuff again agreed to bring astonishingly child, shovels, rope went under the gantry ditch cliff.This is a clay cliff, we had planned to use tools to dig trenches slope to reach the red-billed Crow den, stupid but safe method.   Easier said than done, a couple of kids to school, to dig, to dig out the soil handling, most importantly, there can not let teachers, parents know.Fortunately, we are extremely confidential, home for dinner every day at noon to pretend to go to school homework, Xieshang noon time when parents do not have tools, everything is normal in progress.A week later, dug a pit in place, the long-awaited Red-billed crow chicks at hand.I remember four chicks, feeding other companions did not dare to take home, and my stuff are “adopt” the boss, the second.   I give Red-billed crow chicks named “Eagle Son,” want it to be like an eagle chixiang blue sky, white clouds sweep.Feeding Takako, no experience, I have experience in keeping apprentice in advance of the little brother to start apprenticeship.Birdcage production, deployment and millet feed grasshopper, feeding and watering during class to get home to see feathers development of the situation, but also take it to the fields leaked it earlier in touch with nature.   Watching the beloved eagle in the growing child, and my heart is filled with satisfaction and pride.Takako gradually deeper off white feather, fluff gradually hardens, beak and claws gradually changing colors from dark gray.Over time, after more than two months, Takako also became restless, first in the yard Feifei yo, even after a few days to fly to the sun roof.One day finally flying out of the yard, heading for the mountains across the forest.But no matter where Takako fly as soon as I heard the call, it will hover landed beside me, shaking from time to time and I play the wings shouting. C I wish complete, and can learn plummeted.You must junior high school exam, and anxious parents have had help to keep the class WU Xu teacher, I hope discipline.   Quiz the end of the day, it is a lifetime time, every day, and my playmates were running wild all over the mountain with Takako.Wander country lanes, high-altitude flying experience Takako from shoulder to meet; soft grass lying on the hillside, attention eagle swoop grasshopper child insect British fierce; a small river to catch fish, play child screaming eagle to eat fish Hantai.   Time is short, junior high school report will.Reluctantly, the nephew Takako entrusted to two sons, asked thousands exhorted million.Two sons trepidation accepted the task, but eventually something went wrong.I left school on the first day of the evening, Takako gone.At first I thought it was leaked out, I will be back soon.Wait until midnight, Takako has not come back, do not sleep two children crying shouted, worried about my training he came back from school, I can not bear to take over the baby will simply disappear.Two days later, Takako back, a tired look, I do not know gone, come from.Since then, Takako elusive, come and go without time, until one day, never to return.The village has experienced old said it was looking for its owner.   After many years, often returned to the village, I have to look at Longmen ditch cliff a few years ago, digging midnight hawk left “monuments” will gazed up at the sky flying Red-billed crow, where my childhood dream, I have a friendship with the companions at the conclusion, I have a lifetime of memories.

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Into the prairie

Tianshan Mountains, grasslands, deserts that I have been longing for the place, in the Tianshan martial arts, grassland and desert created my martial arts complex, how many times I dreamed about becoming a generation Touch of Zen, traveled north and south, leap on top of the Tianshan Mountains on, ride on the vast grassland, mysterious trek in the desert changing, desolate Gobi desert.Tianshan Mountains, the desert a few years ago have already seen, today, with a dream I went into the dam prairie grasslands — Gers.    Gers dam prairie grassland is the second country after the Hulun Buir Prairie, altitude 3468 meters.Through the car windows, watching the endless prairie, my heart is very emotional, prairie sky is so blue, pure but not any impurities, grassland under blue sky, vast, rolling green grass in black yak , white sheep, along the colorful prayer flags wanton flying in the air, on the steppe nomads tents everywhere, occasionally rolled up the curtain down low, want to introduce a closer look.Green and wild and fog, wind and low grass and sheep.Whether it is not the same as with the poet’s state of mind, and now I see a “wind-swept pastures and sheep,” the scenery, but not feel the mood “gray days, the vast field,” I feel the “blue sky, white clouds, Bristol grass “, here is the Tengger song in paradise Yeah, I dream of paradise!    Flower Lake, is China’s largest and most flat prairie wetlands to open water and flowers named, is in a grassland in western Sichuan uncontaminated virgin land, spend hundreds of acres of plants around the lake to the “plateau wetland biodiversity Nature Reserve “- has been hailed as” kidney of the earth ‘, mainly black-necked cranes protected areas.    Go on to build the prairie flowers in Lake boardwalk, feeling under the blue sky mirror-like lake shadow shine, and understand the nature of selfless giving, revel in the beauty of the lake and flowers, unlike waterfowl play, look for the footprints of black-necked cranes.Grass on the prairie flowers lake exceptionally dense exceptionally deep, sitting on top of soft, dough, tender, people could not bear to stampede, to profane.Prairie Tibetan men are sturdy, but also gentle.Yan was not feeling well because of altitude sickness, but the rest booth too windy, I opened the door scenic workplace, inside four black sturdy Tibetan scared me, I did not dare let the rest go swallow but when I came back to play in the pavilion Yan found them to have been there to rest, and I was very moved matter!Return to the gate area when I did not take a sightseeing car and aromatic, from the curious to the yurt, we want to go down the road, the way to look inside a roadside fence Tibetans yurts, but less than 200 meters away, was caught behind two young Tibetans yelling back, we do not know Tibetan mastiff guarding sheep in the fence, the road is only go sightseeing cars, pedestrians can not, because of misunderstanding, we had a conflict, almost fight, two Tibetan men too aggressive, and is not Lianxiangxiyu, hum, hum!    Return time back in the grasslands rest Gesanghua I saw on the prairie, 16-year-old high school student center Jin Zhuoma, we talked for a long time sitting on the grass, lovely central Jin Zhuoma very talkative, we she was curious, she was curious to us, she told us her studies, her family.Tibetans are not we think of family poverty, they are in fact large wealthy, they are not mainly rely on herding for a living, but their nomadic lifestyle years of tradition, they like the nomadic life, like singing and dancing on this prairie, put your horse Mercedes-Benz feeling.Central Jin Zhuoma said Mandarin is not very standard, but her voice sounds good, love to sing love dancing, music phone has been placed, followed by a hum from time to time to hum, Twist, we were photographed leaving the Contact.    Walking in the grasslands, fearing Tibetan mastiff Tibetan those sturdy men, we dare not, and they strike up a conversation, so hesitant approached the yurt, but I was curious and aryl or peek at some yurts, small but perfectly formed , which are generally covered with a thick carpet, canopy bed, household items, electrical equipment, everything, there is still some luxury yurts, such as scenic merchants yurt.    I do not know how to distinguish between the mountains and plains of cattle and sheep are their own masters, although there are dogs, but so many sheep and cattle to distinguish can not imagine there are nomads tent, it can only cattle and sheep fence, wind and rain I do not know how they survive in the open air?I do not know the living environment created them or they adapt to the living environment.With all the confusion, I left the prairie.

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Good works will not flow out from the ink

In 1900, the first novel set after 24-year-old American youth Jack London created the “Son of the Wolf,” published, not only earned him a great reputation in one fell swoop to squeeze into the ranks of the well-known writer.It also won him the generous sum of income.This life is still in royalties so that the original poverty line of Jack London’s slightly out of trouble.  Due to family life has been very poor, Jack London was brought to develop the habit of thrift.Although it gained a substantial amount of royalties, but he was still writing it as saving as before: Every time, when writing in the manuscript after manuscript finished the front, and then turn back to write the manuscript, never waste a little bit local.  One day, a friend to Jack London house guest.At that time Jack London novels in progress.He was sorry to let friends wait a moment, wait for him to write enough words after 1000, stopped writing immediately come to accompany him.  Ten minutes later, Jack London After writing a brisk walk over.A friend asked him curiously: Are you writing it every day, every day about how long you want to create?  Jack London smiled and replied: I defined myself only write about 1000 words a day.At the same time, six days a week just writing.The rest of that day, I will own six days before the manuscript again all be modified and repeated scrutiny, never allow the last part of the article, there are crap.  Friends of Jack London kindly suggested: Your life now is not how rich, why not play a few pen, write four thousand words a day or even a million words, in that case, you can not change more than one o’clock royalties it?What’s more, you now to the fame and prestige, but also that editors will not publish your manuscript it?  Jack London listened, solemnly replied: If a person is only considered to fill his stomach, be sure to write good works.Notice that good works are not out of ink mid-stream, but carefully written out.Writing like walls, each brick will be subject to serious choice, in order to built a magnificent palace to a rain storm!  Indeed there are many shortcuts allow us to get a moment of flowers and applause.But to keep in mind that you want to get everyone’s approval, the need to go step by step down to earth.

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Depressed and happy afternoon

REVIEW examiner called to the door sign, he said to me: “Congratulations on your exam 100 points, I wish you a Happy New Year!” ‘Thank you,’ I said happily,” Fun.””Fun.”I told them what I had just met.      Today both depressed and happy.  Yesterday 7:00, I received a phone call saying driving test theory exam may be submitted to the list has been down, twelve to go tomorrow, I read a book called.This theory test exam I would look forward to hurry out, but a better social mind has been urging a few times, but I could have been told that the list has not been reported down, put one thing in mind aiming upset , so keen on the idea.Today early in the morning in the office say, Chou just no class in the afternoon promised to help me substitute, I went to leave the province of trouble.Am also subject the Internet to do it twice, both times good luck today cross the border, because the Internet is very different problem with the content of the test requirements on the books, the exam on their own also have a good chance of but one can not be too worried about make-up, make-up is not only a question of money still matter of time, can not be delayed, immediately to the New Year, there is no time to delay any longer.  13:00 to the test sites, the candidates who called multi-ah, a large dark mass, sitting, etc., mostly in turned the book, I can not see into, just next to the man he did not ask to borrow my book he looked to give.In the heart of people that it is still at home, quietly watching the passage of time, my heart that Jia, nearly half past two did not turn to test, but also thinking three students come back to see it, if when I’m not, I do not know what will happen then they?At this point, named examiner called to my name, identity cards inspected them after entering the examination room.No. 20 machine to operate ago, I looked at the operating brand, “Oh, how the Internet is not like it?”My heart thump a bit, dare to start, pause slightly down, I pressed the OK button, then appeared on the computer problem, I move the operation panel, you can mouse is not moving ah, my psychology that hurry, time has passed thirty-four minutes looking at a problem not done.Carefully read the operation panel, oh, got to know how to do, determine the title on the operation panel by right or wrong choice is by serial number A, B, C, d, and subject to the previous question next question turned over, so put all the questions all done there ten minutes, think nothing of it to check on an assignment, the assignment is pressed, the Enter key is a long time coming but no results come out, which under the I got anxious, called proctor, said he saw the lights illuminated operation panel operation is bad, look at the time he said: “you took the test too late, hurry to pay to re-test it.”I heard, really dizzy, really want to vomit blood.  I took the ticket Kuangpao, ask him to ask you finally found a place to pay, and paid the money out, finished the coach called to ask not, you can go home yet, I told him my situation, he said you with another woman go back together, and told me that the woman’s phone number.At this time also called to that woman, that woman is late, she did not turn to her exam.I hurriedly rushed to the exam site, look at the time passed 3:30, and quickly called him to help me find the student quarter, but no answer, my hands are shaking anxious, just dial Chou the phone was not any use to get through the cornet, then season to return phone calls, and explained the situation to her, also the home to a telephone call to call my mom to pick up his son, and finally set the heart a little bit, I do not know whether it can also be round to test.Candidates holding a ticket examiner called out, saying it was the last of a group, and I stared at her eyes, heart hurry, “how do fail to get to test it?”Just listen newspaper said there was no complete name and then to test the ah?I said out loud “yes” quickly put the ticket and handed to her, and finally took the test, the centering, and lucky ah, then later five minutes beyond hope.  This time I became a console 28.Sat down position, but I can not start, the examiner called a show of hands, he looked at the others say wait a minute, I walked back channel display said something and press OK to go see someone else looked at, can I thought he was talking to someone, I asked all over, the answer or press Enter.I have no choice but to obey, and pressed the confirm, eh, this is really not the same as the first time with a problem to finish the next question automatically jumped out, unlike the first secondary next question before clicking there will be a topic.The first question just now do is the same, the following is not the same, I seriously answer the question quite handy, all done there for nearly 20 minutes, back to the past want to check, read the first question think also not necessary, directly by the assignment confirmation, after a few seconds, the screen jumped out of the “** Miss, congratulations you got 100 points,” looked at the score, I was excited at, but I still feel bad my 30 na dollars, computer failure causing me out of the money wasted.  Examiner called to the door sign, he said to me: “Congratulations on your exam 100 points, I wish you a Happy New Year!” ‘Thank you,’ I said happily,” Fun.””Fun.”I told them what I had just met.  This afternoon I really experienced a thrilling spectacle, although there is some accident, but still happy, let me eat a cutting wisdom, later in life course to be more of a careful, multi-heard question, perhaps a little earlier question will be removed from some of the unnecessary trouble.[Editor: Can children]

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The most beautiful people

The most beautiful people – People Series treasure Court senior sister apprentice July 18, today is the “fractional leaf” social practice team arrived Bridging the fifth day of school.Recall the first day, the bus slowly near the school, the school gate stood a human figure has become increasingly clear, for the young she is “fractional leaf” social practice team of senior sister apprentice teacher Lo Po Court.Initial contact with the countryside, the players have said very confused and do not know which officials in what to do, what to do.”Bao Yuan senior sister apprentice to join after we talk a lot about her third year of the countryside, after listening to her experiences we feel better.A team, “said team practice.When the arrangement quarters, for the players to sleep on the floor while the worry, the senior sister apprentice Po Court enlighten They say he then sleep is the floor.Finally, the problem of personal choice own dormitory floor or table and resolved smoothly. In teaching, Bao Yuan senior sister apprentice always give players advantages and disadvantages of proposed.Arrive the next day in grade school, “decimal leaves” social practice squad players were part of the lecture, the lecture, a lecture to members of senior sister apprentice Po Court asked the following questions: First, the speech sound as large as possible points.Second, the multimedia classroom familiar with the operation as soon as possible.Third, we should believe in yourself.A love of photography, Bao Yuan senior sister apprentice often take the initiative to pick up the camera, walking back and forth between several classrooms, helping players to take pictures.In her photographs, not only the gurgling water Gulao rivers and lakes, sunset and more students are sweet and innocent smile, counseling teachers carefully screen.In the future, these photos will be our memories.With the help of Bao Yuan senior sister apprentice, believe that “fractional leaf” social practice team can do better, bring a different experience for the kids.

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Nowhere to place years

Just a story.Dream when housekeeping things, received a friend’s phone before, aunt gone, sleeping pills, we found her diary.Express has been recorded over the.You come home friends would not finish, then hands the phone fell to the ground dreams.The doorbell rang and brought the diary, open the box, a mother of a young man with a dream to photograph playground, next to an uncle, took the diary in his hand, he hesitated, watching or not watching?Even their own can not find the answer, is the mother’s diary, that pretty woman’s diary.A diary gray shell, very common.Dream decided to finally open look.XX years X months X days Mostly he eventually left, taking my love, just left me in despair.I finally found really silly, how would believe such a man, his own everything to him.But when I told him I had a baby when he insisted that I go to knock down, a cruel man, how I will not knock this baby, he is my flesh, as a mother, how can personally killed their children do?Although I was only 15 years old, but I still hope he was born.Looked at him pull off the back, suddenly I found that I was wrong, and why a man with a family, why did you not resist the temptation.I want to give yourself a few bitter slap in the face.Dream finally know why they grew up without a father, but also understand the mother realized that the mother single-handedly raised their own hard work.XX years X months X days snow finally born baby, a healthy girl, very cute, when the nurse to hold her over, I actually cried.A few days in the hospital, the nurses always wondered why no one came to see me, even the parents did not come.I do not understand why a 16-year-old girl gave birth to a baby.Oh, they do not know my situation, but I would not and she said, how could there be an orphan parents do?An abandoned people how will people come to see it!At present, I found my baby is the only family.Family, and more cordial terms ah!I look forward to a very long time, finally have a family.Noon nap time had a dream, then I had an idea and decided to take the name of the baby Renee.Also tell their own personal feelings and that it was only a dream.XX years X months X days Partly Renee today three years old, I always like to dress up in her.Today took her to the supermarket to buy something, the waiter said she was very cute, and my mother’s excitement ah!Here to talk about my feelings complicated matter, really I did not think would meet the man.He has not changed, there is still so attractive man, but did not attract me at all.He saw Renee, Renee gave him to buy a lot of toys, to accompany me to go to the playground with Renee, Renee is very happy, but I do not want to tell her is that abandon us in front of the man is her father.When to Go Café, Renee fell asleep in his arms, for a moment, I really hope that the picture never fixed, and he is my husband.But I soon destroyed his abominable ideas.It is obviously impossible to know.She handed me a bank card, he said Renee is a very lovely child, but I do not give you happiness, this is a bank card, after Renee to go to school, and you have to live.The password is your birthday.Then he put the dream to my arms, my hands stuck in the bank, I love you, but I love the family now, I’m sorry, I do not want to break it, I want to go abroad.Goodbye!I looked at him, looked at him to leave the coffee shop, without saying a word.But the tears stand up, escaped.Now looking at the sleeping Renee, my future happiness is to be able to grow up happy looking at Renee.Renee hope to be able to understand me.In fact, at that time already we know that the dream is not an ordinary uncle and her relationship with her father had really.Abandoned her and her mother that men.XX years X months X days of rain today really did not expect to actually sensible Renee dinner comes the reckoning to me, and I did not expect 10 years later on how this decade Renee never asked me about her father’s.And I also mention, as if her father for the things we agree on, reluctant to talk.XX years X months X days overcast today is Renee’s college graduation, I went to, also saw Renee always told me about the boy.However, a delicate boy looked, I do not know my heart mischief or how, I do not like it then, but it seems like her Renee.But then I always feel good enough for Renee.I hope everything is just speculation.Today, the boy said Renee, aunt very beautiful and very young oh!And Renee said, of course, is not to see who her mother, she only 15 years older than me, oh!In fact, I actually feel ashamed, but Renee took my arm when she saw the obvious look of pride.My heart has been irradiated with sunlight.As for the course, in fact I was very worried, I’m afraid my baby hurt, I hope he does not hurt my baby Renee.XX years X months X days to clear the nightmare began, and then I saw it from a girl walking in a very intimate of the beginning.For love, I am a failure, I do not want to Renee and I suffered a crushing defeat in a final injury.When asked how much I love Renee However, I discovered later, Renee has been bogged down in a swamp feelings, as a mother should have to defend his daughter, and then when I told her and another woman together thing, but how she also he refused to believe, and said I was wrong.I found this is a very terrible thing, we must think about how to do, in order to minimize the damage Renee.Ugh!Today it seems particularly long night.And I still used to sleep.I was really worried about Renee.XX years X months X overcast day this is not the result I want, Renee, my mother really did not want to hurt you, just protect you.Why do not you listen to me explain it?I do not know, today, this step is how it happened, and then hugged me, can not tell in the end who seduced whom, in fact, I asked Renee to see this scene just hope she then refused to give up.I did not expect, she says she hates me.A mother how hard it is single women!But I hope I understand Renee, to know the truth of this matter.XX years X months X days rain Renee gone, when I came back and found her little things, I suddenly realized what a terrible end.At the table I saw her leaving a note I quit, I left, never leave, thank you raised me.Do not come to me, I can not see you.I find it crazy Renee, all her friends have contacted me, but everyone said they do not know, I like a ray of soul, blindly walking in the street, shouted the name of Renee, but no one ignores.I really have lost even Renee.XX years X months X days sunny weather is good today, Renee leave from six months, not Renee’s house is like through the ice, cold.Are nowhere to place the years, do not go back, not forward too.After reading the diary dream, beside a stack of paper towels to wipe tears throw.She phoned like a madman, but the phone there said you dial the user temporarily no answer, please try again later.Yes, my mother is gone, the beautiful woman, eat a lot of sleeping pills, died in the only part of their two room.Dream finally back, back to the original of the city, only she and her mother lived in the house before.

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Death photo

Qing dynasty, there was a viceroy named Cen Chunxuan, is a well-known big corrupt.He relied on the grace of the Empress Dowager Cixi, rampant violent acts recklessly.  Cen Chunxuan on the governor, a few years time, there were dozens of people he played no official reference book, he in turn the local gentry giant Li Ji Pei, Yang West Rock, who bet ban them, check their possessions, appropriation.Do a local panic, gentry Fuji fleeing Hong Kong in order to peace.  Those business people fled to Hong Kong, seeing difficult to go home, all of Cen Chunxuan hated, so we elected a man named Shen Yaozu’s leader, conspired to get rid of Cen Chunxuan.However, non-Cen Chunxuan ordinary generation, he not only won the favor of the Empress, and also is the eunuch Li Lianying kowtow fraternal, in order to bring down the big corrupt officials, no easy task.  After a hold secret talks, they unanimously decided to spend lots of money to hire a martial arts master, assassinate Cen Chunxuan.  Shen Yaozu sent immediately around them secretly killer.  Finding, there must be brave husband.A few days later, there are several martial arts master came in to visit Shen Yaozu.To ensure that this assassination foolproof, Shen Yaozu organized a contest the General Assembly, after several rounds of the contest, the final decision to send flowers Qiaoya go assassinate Lengmianshashou.  Who would guess that spend cliff left shortly after, news came that he not only did not succeed to assassinate anti-Cen Chunxuan’s men were killed, and hung his body on public display flagpole.  It turned out that Cen Chunxuan knew all kinds of evil, recruiting around a lot of martial arts master, a place to live, multi-Cloth illegal channels agencies, even the mosquitoes are usually not even think about flying near his side.  Some wait martial arts master snoop message in Shen Yaozu home, heard the news, all pale, hurriedly resigned.  Just Shen Yaozu, who was desperate and there are people who look like a pale-faced scholar, volunteered door.Although he would not say martial arts, but it can without firing a stone, taking the lives of Cen Chunxuan.This man named Shao-Bai, a photographer.He said that in order to get rid of Cen Chunxuan this man, with a picture on it.  Everyone listened, some do not believe are his words.Shen Yaozu Q: Mr. Chen, a picture of how your life could get rid of it surnamed Cen?  Shao-Bai smiled and said: this matter needs to be kept strictly confidential, I am afraid the next can not say so.However, I heard people say that employers do not suspect, the suspect not.If you all believe me, even though the matter good to me!  Shen Yaozu, who see him verbally impressive, nod.And that good remuneration prepaid Shao-Bai 300,000 ounces of silver, things are after, then pay 700,000 two.  After Shao-Bai got two 300,000 honorarium, we began to implement his plan.At that time, the Empress is the most hostile Kang, Liang people gang Reformation Movement.Kang has been published in the “Ching Yee reported that” article, scolding the Empress, to her as Empress Wu, Yang.Especially in the context Nala who late emperor’s left ear a concubine, so that the Empress was hated teeth.Shao-Bai begins here start: he first Cen Chunxuan, Liang Qichao, Kang got three of their photos, made into a three-group photograph, Cen Chunxuan center sit, Liang left, right Kang.Photos made quite exquisite, no one can see traces of patchwork.Shao-Bai will be a lot of copy to sell this picture, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and other major cities everywhere, he contacted several cities this newspaper published photos.Meanwhile, a group photo and shipped to Southeast Asia, the Americas and other places to distribute sold through Hong Kong.  Those Paul (dynasty) settle abroad after Emperor (Emperor) partisan saw this picture, I do not know all the ins and outs, and that they are a party Cen Chunxuan.Cen Chunxuan is the real power of the people, royalist just take a minute to increase his strength, so they hype, and even goes according to three people when and where the photo shoot, had laid down a covenant between the three what are He has compiled a nose with eyes.  Shao-Bai to precisely this effect.So he immediately publicize those articles in overseas newspapers to introduce the country in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and other places out of newspapers reprinted.Matter ignited, spread abroad.Cen Chunxuan also kept in the dark too, has long been holding a newspaper and goes trio posed for photos, tip-off to the Empress.  Empress read an article in the newspaper, saw that picture, furious, even the side of the head eunuch too scared to stay, dare to demand the slightest situation Cen Chunxuan!Bushitaiju this stuff, even I gave him lied, and he is impatient to live!Empress put the photo fling toward the ground, immediately ordered the removal of the post of Governor of Guangdong and Guangxi Cen Chunxuan, he was arrested and imprisoned.  Cen Chunxuan was arrested, still do not know what crime he committed, be seen that picture, he was stunned, he said to himself: This is how it’s going, and when I combined the two men had a shadow?  Things can be done, Shao-Bai got the remaining two remuneration 700 000, and also took over several ferry, overnight became wealthy.Have the know friends of Shao-Bai joked: You have to thank Cen Chunxuan it, without him, how can you rich today?  Shao-Bai listened, light a chuckle: Cen surname of evil is too much, give me the opportunity to drill the loopholes!  From “Shan Hai Jing” 2001 4

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