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Too offensive!As a woman wants to marry these women constellation

In traditional societies, women are often expected to be gentle like water, while the men will need to have masculine.But in an increasingly open world, a little girl sometimes domineering cool a little, it will lead to the goodwill of others.Like many boys are also very charming as.  Then, in the twelve constellations among girls, what constellation girls are the kind of offensive-type it?Even let the woman who wants to marry them it?The first constellations original, reproduced, please indicate the source.  Female lion: nei Leo Zodiac girls are among the most ambitious one, they are very reluctant to rely on their own men living.For girls who want to spend their parents’ money, spend the money her husband, Leo girls will feel very understanding.Because they understand how much I love you no matter who you are not completely dependent on each other, especially in the economy, because you Helenians money will be soft, not very easy to dignity.  Therefore, Leo girls tend to be a special effort on their work, or even want to be a strong woman.But, they also tend mood to attend the family, or even delay their married.But Leo people do not care, feel so good.  Scorpio women: Mei retreat into the attack in the Zodiac girls among them, in fact, many career aspirations of girls, Scorpio girl is one of them.But, as Scorpio girls will not talk with his brute force men desperately like Leo girls, everything in the hands fundus Scorpio girls really stupid practice.They are more willing to use their wisdom and beautiful, to make men desperate for themselves.  So, in fact, many girls Scorpio means, any woman is very easy for them to vote in.Because Scorpio people face life is so resilient, and when the effort is not vague, particularly when outsmart the clever.  Aries women: no enemy in front of a tomboy said two girls, although it is arguably nei, but they “attack” the momentum is not particularly powerful, most belong to the kind of domineering man who, or should belong Aries.Many times, they like a tomboy, like, dare to do anything.Not at all shy or charming girl should have, in fact, they love mixed in the pile of men fraternizing.  Of course, Aries girls softer side perhaps only when they meet her Mr. Right to appear.By that time, you will find that they, like many ordinary girls as shy, like a baby, will start to pay attention to appearance.You might also like: 12 constellation female mothers will choose what kind of education during the night, the value of these signs of grief easy to reach the pinnacle of these signs can remember your hatred, indicating his heart to have you with legends about the origin of Pegasus

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With no sign of a good day

Some character is the constellation of grams, that is, together keep arguing, a long time thinking that it might be better, but no matter how far time, two people still quarreling…So if two people together, there is no better life, just like us look at the following two signs together will behold no better life.  Third: Aries VS shooter quarreling this is often the beginning of a more intense use of methods or love at first sight type to start, and then the next step is quarreling, who should be allowed, in a word than the word ugly, so two people are quarreling, flying home plate, but good love, often noisy end of the bed and headboard.  Second: Gemini VS Virgin heated debate continues to this is the constant intense debate, in fact, Gemini likes to communicate, he wants you to know him, just virgin Mercury is the guardian, he also likes to communicate, but communication sometimes two logic take on, sometimes AM and FM will be different, so this time will play his twin heated debate effort, 1,2,3,4,5 tell you, virgin tell you 1XX, 3XX, 2 I avoid strong agree, then they might put the second twin speaking out, so two people is always endless discussion, endless communication, endless debate, in the end in the end who is to blame, the more people talk about two more gas, so this kind of communication they will not stop and will not not speak, but in the course of a fight which will be stab each other in a sentence, then increasingly difficult to heal the wounds of the heart.  First: Taurus VS Scorpio is also the beginning of the Cold War constantly together, but as they began to quarrel is from the beginning of the Cold War, but also a more than a cold, silent one is that I go out, and the other that is good, bye, two that is cold to the explosion, but two children can do, so can sleep, you can sleep in the same bed, an inverted right and one down the left, but is to keep the cold War, then play some tactics, such as Taurus he said: “your lunch on the table,” another said: “well, thank you!”Is to play the kind of courteous little trick, then two is very painful, and one said: ‘I have your clothes get it for you,’ another said: ‘Well, thank you’ is to play such a thing, but they can do is hold on for 10 years, 20 years, the last of which party cold heart might let go.

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· Doom warm

Huddled in the warm sun in the winter sun biodestructive pick up page after page of mind I had thought before Nirvana will do a thorough clean up those steep mortal past many years I deliberately locked himself into a sad insect pupae lying in his living form of cocoon shell into a zombie walking become necropolis of fact, I thought why do not I do not know in this world who can not let go, but I put my own ideas but I just can not even linger live cocoon what is the point for longer thanks to rumors of doom I finally began to understand cherish those beautiful when their own had been ignored too long of a new era began to wet my heart is exposed to the warm sun in the winter’s dry I make love sad wing.

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Learn enough to face others

A kind of wisdom learned enough to face others, in fact, we have to have in life.    I have always liked martial arts movement, because it is able to self-defense but also fitness.In late-seventy, I graduated from high school to the countryside came to our eastern suburbs of Zhengzhou City fifty-seven offering young farm Nine.Although the hard living conditions of the farm, but I still did not give up their favorite martial arts exercise.In the early morning and evening, I will often insist publicly practicing martial arts in the company’s wheat field.Over time, there are many students have also joined the ranks of my martial arts exercise together.    At that time in our company, it will reportedly also have a wrestling students, some say his wrestling skills is unusual, once trained teacher guide.I am the person usually friendly for anyone, may I do not know why, the students challenge the inexplicable to me many times in public, I always laugh without fear.Although martial martial arts on the points, but I never want it to be with anyone from.    One evening, I went as usual wheat field, began martial arts students in the crowd.When I was concentrating on the exercise routine, who suddenly had to challenge the students approached me begin provocative: “Your impractical style and no substance, you two have the ability to throw tumble contest contest.”See ill intent, I politely refused avoid.Surprisingly, he thought I was cowardly: “You do not believe?Here today, I outlasted you, so that you will not fall down the East West!”See this situation, it seems that I can only take on the.He will wrestle technology, opening fight he got used to raising his hand to grasp my shoulder dress.I martial arts is the emphasis on combat, nor do I also no stranger to wrestling, he made a special trip to Kaifeng worship Arts teacher Wang.In order to combat, we are practicing wrestling wrestle never wear clothes, I am afraid of these circumstances he would not know.When his hand reach came for me, my speed a little hands slip out with it and then take advantage of a potential backhand body cat who Waist step, he took his hand waist crotch come forward, he will throw in behind me.Action cleanly, immediately won the applause of the students field!    At this tremendous loss of face, he got up after the shame his face ashen, his eyes angry Yuan Deng also told me lunged.Originally, I seized the opportunity to give him a can of pilfering, but my mind suddenly flashed a thought: “enemy should not end solution, all students, to give him a face it.”So, when he lunged at me, I have consciousness and his entertainment a few times, and then he let go of a deliberately neutral, let him come to me through a back drop.I suffer this fall fall, and I do not know whether other people can see the doorway, but his mind is very clear that I ‘turn on the water’ to him.After arose, he took the initiative to Chanqi me, whispered the words: “Thank you..”In public occasions, I gave him a face, let him have a decent ending stairs.Since then, we have been very harmonious coexistence in the farm.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) life is the way we will face colorful characters, you learn enough to face others, you will be able to exchange for their own bigger face; you learn to give enough other people face, you can turn hostility into friendship, in exchange for living in harmony; you learn to others face enough, you will win the respect of others; you give people face, in fact, is to face yourself; you respect others, respect yourself also in the.I then again, life requires wisdom, the wisdom of living in harmony.

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Tomato difficult falling trees

Late fall, with my colleague, went to the highest Township Pingyin County – Li Gou Xiang, a little stuck in the township government, we can not wait to go to the North Village Mao Chi three kilometers northwest.Through the window, he saw the towering mountains of the northwest that, the former bare mountains have been black or brown or yellow-green canopy cover up.He came to the foot of the mountain, overlooking his head and saw the vast woodlands, old Baicui Song, lush, green in black, brown seeped yellow, overlies the group Ridge.Gust blows, the waves rolling in, waves bursts.The lower part of the mountain, hawthorn leaves as fire, torch trees, dense foliage of apple orchards, so you lifted the fruit growers were going through deep plowing after harvest, expanding hole, fertilization management.We asked a old man of about sixty ruddy-faced, strong physique lead us on a hillside northeast direction, from a distance saw a large canopy, dense foliage of a persimmon tree.Through the leaves bright red, Tanzania exposed Persimmon dense, like a red beacon was blowing mountain, red like tomatoes, to wobble.    Fengyun old man pointing stricken vicissitudes, perseverance, standing in old tree among the trees, say, twenty years ago, model workers in Wandong on this tree..Here, the old man will not go infarction throat.It is also immersed in the infinite grief.Entourage colleagues “ah” sound, a little old man calm the spirit and deplored sad to say: “I was his forestry team, I now contracted the foot of the ten acres of orchards is the time for the captain to take the lead developed.I now annual income of more than fifty thousand yuan, and he went foreseen.”I said a hoarse voice, he turned and saw wiping tears, everyone wants silently bowed to the old trees, to show tribute to the late planting heroes.Nightlife net late seventies, I was appointed Li Gou forestry owners, then, because of work and feelings of afforestation model of deep, often to the North Village gross technical guidance, demonstration.Fruit and love of the villagers work, then do not say, nothing is self-new China was founded that year, has just entered the thirties in Wandong, bid farewell to the history of landlord Lao Cai Kanghuo first share of land poor mountain farmers back.In Wandong With boundless joy, closing hillsides to facilitate afforestation of the corresponding call of the party, as the 35 people in the village forestry team captain, to enter the two thousand acres of barren hills.”Qiongshan promise to change wealth, let the barren hills draped green dress.”In Wandong mobilization order issued to all members of forestry.His words and deeds, personally, together with forestry team, picking up stick milling, just crossed the hills to a seat acupuncture digging, fertilizing the whole weir.His wife found Wandong greedy white to dark dry on those hills, distressed, said: “Wandong, you give your heart to the mountain, dedicated to love Ling, I do not give you so much shovel shoe (1) for you let the stones to grind!”The wife looked sadly a few days to be worn new shoes, anxiously asked:” Yeah Wandong!You figure what miles?One day more than ten hours long hill to earn work points to buy two packets of matches!”” FIG barren a long valley of famine tree chant!Not long tree, more than a waste ah pity!”But the wife said her husband had gone with him, but saw the look askew dry laid down his life, but my mind was like a knife.    In Wandong aware of the economic hardships and the plight of his wife’s family.Labor, simply put shoes off on the rocks in the haystack plexus Jing outside the village or the mountain, down the mountain, and only then remove the shoes, put on his feet wipe mud.Day long, and his wife see Wandong shoes new as ever, the rain came back, and mud do not dye was wondering, when found in Wandong hard cocoon and covered with a pair of criss-crossing the hole in the blood, deep Michiko’s feet, his wife finally look down in the body of her husband, a painful, complain Wandong, really should not take it lightly when his body!    Under that Wandong impetus to take the lead, the players gather cypress forest species on newly reclaimed hillside, transport manure, watering sowing the seed, the following year, one million seedlings, hi special nursery afforestation, Wandong and their forestry players seeking their own expense division thanks to friends, master the technique of afforestation management.They made forest, the survival rate, saving rate of more than 90%, moved the village men and women.The village fought for three years, finally completed the task of afforestation of barren hills village.The famous three ravines, hills eighteen, two thousand four hundred seventy five acres of barren hills, and finally became more than one million arborvitae, black locust, white poplar settle land.Development pepper, persimmons, walnuts and other forest four million, the establishment of apple, pear, consisting mainly of forty acres of orchards, is driven by the hard work of Wandong ah township, county afforestation climax of a wave higher than a wave.    Nova hair in the North Valley, rising, shining over the country, in Wandong has since been known, has been named the county, cities and regions, and afforestation model province and east China.Awards Conference in Beijing, parenting by Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou cordial meeting, Deng Xiaoping and other leaders of.    A catastrophe would not join seamlessly evil wind blowing northward hair this remote mountain valley, afforestation star in Wandong framed by the wanton generation is dirty, the maimed to death in this strain old persimmon.    For people in the village he mourning, this strain predetermined old persimmon allowed to pick the fruit, can only care, are not allowed to damage the tree, can only Pei.After the government to Wandong rehabilitated, this strain of persimmon much love.As forestry workers, cadres and villagers progressive struggle motto.We gazed huge canopy dancing in the cold, the hearts of great emotion, that one of the red persimmon, like a beacon light, remember carved human vicissitudes years, attract the mighty army of afforestation.    We very thick hooded Mountain arborvitae, Central spectacular fruit tree down the middle, top down criss-cross the asphalt road and the endless stream of vehicles, and that the old man’s lingering aftertaste.    I think the motherland Mountain Ridge Mountains, Gully slope slope, tomorrow will become more spectacular and more attractive, richer vitality and charm.    (1) shovel shoes: one kind of soil cloth shoes in the past rural village women wear elaborate handmade well-worn.

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Sad Libra and Capricorn blessing Frankie happiness

And Yang Yang had a happy day.He is a typical Aries, in love with a man on hot pursuit, can not wait to get you.This elegant Libra I can not say that is pretty beautiful, but at least it was lovely, pleasant.Our friends say with a good, really good fun.  Libra and Frankie will attract each other.But really get along down, Frankie can not stand Libra coquetry and capricious.Frankie child character, hope to have enough space, want to have the feeling of being taken care of.Libra is more like a little princess, someone needs to coax every day, like a baby, with little regard for the feelings of others, although two people really love each other, but do not want to change themselves, it is so noisy in the first?After the second frame, and Frankie no longer Libra Contact.He said that we do not fit, Libra only to discover that he is not the compromise on quality, and beloved Frankie can not break up.After the lost to know and treasure it?Frankie did not know it is their favorite?  Since then, Frankie and Libra like two strangers, though see it every day, but like transparent, but Frankie did not know each other face to face after each walk, Libra will go back and looked at the once familiar, snuggle embrace.  Maybe Frankie has not put down, two months after Libra and Frankie together again and again, then Libra feel like the happiest person in the world, and is called a treasure ah.Frankie heard everything, and gradually lost myself.But this Libra and Frankie are not happy, because there is no real sense of the kind of the beginning.  Frankie finally said, not to us, looked blankly Libra Aries more and more strange, burst into tears, crying and asked why, Frankie said coldly, not your problem, you really me well, I love this person may not be suitable..  Libra and Frankie once again is over, this is really over, Libra determined to forget Frankie, but really hard, still laughing and joking Libra day of romance can not see the way, every evening quilt cry, when I think Frankie will cry, cry inside the ear into the water, made otitis media, really good laugh?Libra wants, so be it, slowly forgetting it, will help level all the time, at this time, another bolt from the blue of the message, Libra heavy hearts sprinkled a handful of coarse salt.Frankie Libra and Capricorn competitors together.Said he does not fit with Libra Aries love so fast and unexpectedly found a new girlfriend, or even their competitors.  Libra and Capricorn are working together to fight for a position in charge of.Faced with this, no self-confidence Libra, Libra will not understand why Frankie would like two completely different style of girl, a cute fashion, cheerful enthusiasm.Kawai’s a very Japanese girl, another girl is a very traditional Chinese eyes of a small single fold.  Libra is still indignant, like she Jour like to tell people everywhere,.Friends say Frankie too young to qualitative, there are injured when Capricorn, Libra heart feel better a little, but he still can not accept the fact that Frankie and Capricorn together.She kept saying to myself, you can not do this to me, but so what’s the use of which?Facts are facts, they are together, and looks very happy, Libra want you feeling lost, career Absolutely not, absolutely not!Libra start working hard, keep working, put their schedule is full, leaving no time to think about their own Frankie.  We have been the case, what qualifications Libra is not happy what, Frankie broke up long ago, and you, yourself Kanbu Kai Libra is, it does not fit.Libra and Capricorn only blessing Frankie.Whether or not willing, generous and elegant Libra would do, at least make the heart feel better Libra, Libra just want to find a way to quickly forget Frankie, Libra would think if the world really there forget Love Potion is like, so that you can completely forget Frankie, if possible Libra would rather never even knew Frankie, is soon Libra birthday, Libra actually think, if birthday wishes really can achieve, Well, she’ll make a wish, let yourself fall in love with Frankie again.  Libra incurable likely to continue to be sad anymore.

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Absolutely not forced to sign did not give up on the road

For things to do, some constellation will choose to give up some of the difficulties encountered, and some constellations no matter what difficulties will not give up easily, or they wanted to go do this thing succeed, they will not give up, if I never really pushed to the road it may abandon.Next we look at the zodiac sign which must not be forced to the road did not give up on it!  Taurus: strong-willed Taurus is a very determined constellation, once they decide to do one thing, then no matter how many difficulties encountered during this period, they are not easily give up, unless really pushed to the absolute way, has no way to accomplish this thing, they will give up.So Taurus is not absolutely forced to sign did not give up on the road.  Leo: Leo unyielding to say what the more prominent features, it may be their indomitable character of.Leo matter what the situation, even if it is simply impossible, they are also very strong and unyielding, be sure to see the results before giving up, we will be forced to give up hope in the never on the road.So Leo is not absolutely forced to sign on the road did not give up.  Virgo: Virgo pursuit of the perfect thing to do is always striving for perfection, this is their consistent attitude, even those things that simply can not be completed within the expected, as long as they decide to do, it must be to pursue the perfect ending, unless absolutely forced to the road is no way they will give up.Thus Virgo is a not forced to give up hope never on the road will not sign.  Scorpio: Scorpio although do not know to do things very carefully, but they do not know the alternative is also a constellation, they will always follow their own way to do things, no matter from this approach will be successful, as long as they are identified in the end will take unless really pushed to the absolute way to see this way they will not give up hope, otherwise it will be a road go black.The first constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

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_ Knowledge of astronomical phenomena spiral galaxy

Astronomers study of interplanetary exploration for the benefit of mankind, they let the majority of amateur astronomers have learned more knowledge of astronomy.I believe we have to understand twelve galaxies.So today’s Constellation knowledge for everyone to bring the knowledge of a spiral galaxy, a look.  The largest number of spiral galaxies are observed, one of the most beautiful galaxies shape.Its shape like a vortex rivers, hence the name.Such galaxies in the vicinity of the plane of symmetry containing a large amount of diffuse matter, seen from the front, shaped like a vortex; viewed from the side, it fusiform.Andromeda nebula, nebula Triangulum galaxies are of this type.  The spirals trumpet type code, referred to as a barred spiral type SB.Spirals or, Ye barred spiral or generally in small plus a back SB, B, C by the letters, used to represent the tightness of the spiral arms, it represents a tightest, C represents a loosest.  Vortex structures in shape, with a clear core, convex lens-shaped core, an outer core of the ball is a thin disc, there are several spiral arms, there is a class in the core is not spherical spirals, but rather a rod from the arm birth ends of the bar, called barred spiral.  Spirals both in morphological structure or component on the same elliptical sun varies greatly.Of course, the core portion of the spirals like a elliptical, but nothing.Arm spiral galaxy contains a lot of blue stars, open clusters and nebulae.Andromeda galaxy M31 is a typical spiral galaxy, and our galaxy from very close (2.2 million light-years from the sun), can be faintly seen with the naked eye floating on it, like a sky Haze.On the right, the disclosure of details of the Andromeda galaxy very clear.The central core is a Group II portion of the star of stars.  Each arm is a band from the emission nebula, the gas bleak, blue star clusters and galactic composed of the members of my family are celestial star.Although the arm very bright, but the light from the main portion other than the core of the cushion is equal to or slightly smaller than the star luminosity of stars.Arm to be superimposed on the underlayer star almost transparent, therefore more distant galaxies can still be seen through the cushion portion between the arm.Observations suggest that, similar to the shape of the cushion ellipsoid, which is distributed in the vertical central plane of the galaxy, globular clusters rich, slightly red in color than the arm, it may belong to stellar.

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Rain thoughts

Part One: Rain thoughts northern summer heat in July, may also concentrated rainfall season.This year is particularly significant, sunny yesterday, today is rain, such as injection, both shortness of thunderstorms with hail, but also like the ox hair of continuous rain.People both hope and fear, hope that the much-needed crops The rain, afraid of the rain sandwiched hail caused damage, but people who live in the city, looking forward to driving rain this intolerable heat, bring temporary cool.  In my memory, childhood than it is now a lot more rain.Every rain, the case of ox hair rain, I secretly ran out of the house, and go with a small partner to play in the ridge, a long time come together to form rain drops of water dripping from the hair, then blow your hand to your face only occasionally , lest flooded his eyes, that was my happiest time, the mother will inevitably blame it home, may simply not affect my mood.The following is a thunderstorm, do not let out of the mother is only a small piece of glass in front of a window looking out on the kang, occasionally scary thunder was that I got into her mother’s arms.Under emergency thunderstorms also great, a lot of people by surprise was a big rain drenched also normal.At that time, most rural people no good clothes, the summer months are usually a vest and a pair of shorts, shoes are their own home-spun hemp nail base made of cloth shoes, not even when wet Unfortunately, home to wring off dry water, continues to wear on the body until the body temperature to dry clothes.  After growing up, especially after elementary school, my naughty nature further play, one to the dog days of summer, in the rain is not cool, sometimes a burst of pelting rain, have not completely stopped, whenever they hear the class bell, it hurried to go out, despite the slightest fine rain in the body, with the foot from the water on the playground and students to fight each other funny, totally regardless of the consequences, the result is covered with mud, attracted bitter criticism of the teacher, just before the end of this happiness continued to follow his father into the junior high school in town.  After work, I live in the city, to feel more and more light rain, whether it is drizzling or pouring rain, just stood in the rain outside the office through the window to see the scenery.Sometimes heavy rain cut down, and shelter but also sitting in the car, looking at the people who are the rain, occasionally points sigh, really is not the time, but also that under the rain hiding under a tree shelter people Safety.After the rain, standing between heaven and earth to get off and see the rain had been pouring flowers, full of life everywhere, I happened to see the rainbow in the sky, and the rain that braved the white smoke, people feel more of a forceful and spectacular.  I miss the rain is also limited to those childhood memories, although it has been over middle age and would like to experience the feeling of being in a shower of rain.You also said that a coincidence, the recent inspection of the countryside, is a peek into the big rain through and through, the kind of mood was very pleasant.Recall childhood spent time in a small village, as long as heavy rainfall, it is ditch full trench level, even to spill the dirt road, dirt road is the village of muddy floor, the deepest memory that is deeply rutted dirt road two guide me to go the distance.Each time after the rain, you will hear the chorus of frogs, toads.”Gugu Gu” sound is always cheerful frog, toad calls and is well organized, leisurely “Ga – goo” non-stop.Now home, still the small mountain village concrete road has been paved front door, adobe houses have been replaced by brick houses, sunny day a gray, wet mud has become the past, the mountains greener, waters cleaner, and put my rain nourishing home more beautiful.  The face of the city blocks of high-rise buildings, in the middle of this concrete forest, countryside earthy scent go away, the rain water that day the vast scenery of rarely seen.My friends, especially friends who live in the city, whenever you go to the countryside around it, feel the rain rural scenery, thinking about childhood memories.    Part II: Rain thoughts If one day I leave this world, not even worth the wait for the last one you can not meet it, my life in white wandering life.  I just want a man hiding in the room quietly, the yard, you want silence, silent color.Do not let you find, because I understand that when the hero who knows, it will be like the previous angry landowners, the frustration and anxiety written on the face of the world.I’m afraid you have such expression, I am willing to quietly, obediently thinking of you.  These days have been very tired, I do not know why?Very long time to savor this oppressive atmosphere, the entire air flow inside the clouds.Like a lost lamb, like a person alone in the mountains, late at night was pressing fear.The howl of the wolf, sometimes trembling, every time it rains, thunder every time, I am also afraid, I do not know why?There was a feeling of total calm lake can not but love from Ariel.Nightlife Network wandering the street, listening to your favorite song.Unfortunately, bad weather!Rain comes, it will come without warning, suddenly jumped to diving athlete as gravity, flash flash also not open.However, at this time I was thinking of a person, though a bit vague, but also very happy, very happy.Rain on the way down, I slowly walked all the way, the body was sodden with the rain, passers-one came by, I was in tears, but also because of the rain is disseminated, all cry and no one will find that, so I’m cried courage.  Suddenly, I found no rain.Not really, but I have an aunt umbrella cover, very enthusiastic and asked me: “how?Well behaved, under so much rain a man walking on the road “” Nothing, thank you aunt.””Where do you want to go?Aunt pick you up, you see a person like that shower, get dressed to go home, so as not to catch a cold. “” No, Aunt.Thank you, really do not need, do not delay you have something, I’m sorry “so passers-by looked unfamiliar, like you, I cried very sad, you do not find.Every time it rains desire, you can enjoy the miss in the rain, although there is no known cry, despite their own will be how to cover up the you know?When it rains, like today, the weather was a little cold, I worry that you will not wear a few pieces of clothing to keep warm today under his body, afraid you are not careful and cold.  When I am thinking of you, really very happy.

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Love that makes twelve sign give up

If someone asks you, “Is your love happy?”? “and then ask your friend,” do you think so-and-so’s love is happy? “The two answers given by the teaching assistant are definitely different. Because every bit of feeling in Run Lover Run is beyond the knowledge of the outside observer.. Everyone has different personalities and habits, so naturally they want different happiness.. But when they cannot find the happiness they need in their lovers, this love cannot be redeemed.. Do you know what your lover cares most about? _ love that twelve will give up <让白羊座会放弃的爱情><让金牛座会放弃的爱情><让双子座会放弃的爱情><让巨蟹座会放弃的爱情><让狮子座会放弃的爱情><让处女座会放弃的爱情><让天秤座会放弃的爱情><让天蝎座会放弃的爱情><让射手座会放弃的爱情><让摩羯座会放弃的爱情><让水瓶座会放弃的爱情><让双鱼座会放弃的爱情>

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