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sing of the Forest; the V Fu Xi, the disaster?

  I have money?I have money!!!
  Jojo week overturned just want to shout, but she could not hold back, however, this drop down from the sky pie forbearance of how to live it?
  People in extreme excitement when it is difficult to control their emotions and sounds, so, lying on the bed holding the quilt weeks Jojo twisted, his mouth issued Hey Hey, hee hee hee hee, ha ha ha ha laugh repressed.
  She twisted twisted, suddenly glance swept the legs hanging next bed big brother, this time he was in a crazy eyes looked at his watch.
  Jojo in the week it seems that Big Brother is not consciously moved back a little, mouth pumping pumping head tur上海夜网ned away.
  Week Jojo: “.”
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Chapter 4
  Jojo week long a child can be beautiful, their own think about the whole world Nothing she good-looking girl.Later grew up, her mother said she was a long residual.Still later, the stepmother gave birth sister stars of the week, week-long Jojo feel more difficult to read.
  Univ北京夜网ersity of BiAfter industry, Jojo Zhou sallow skin finally become white and tender, brown hair becomes supple, even one meter t苏州桑拿网all fifty-eight let her up channeling a three cm.
  Her girlfriends Liang Jiamin said she called secondary development, also grabbed a handful o

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Let me know where it Bi Ying?”Qi Lin pleaded:” Brother, I’m really worried about her special.”

  ”I told her all right.”Diving Chen said:” You do not raise another.”
  ”Well, you say, that bastard tied Bi Ying how are you going to solve?”Qi Lin suddenly changed a face:” I no matter who they are, they will never let go!If you have no way to directly address this matter let me to solve, I let Zhang moisten leave no stone unturned to give I kill that bastard, moisten if Zhang can not solve this matter, I would not play with him, after he won I do not expect Lin right steward, he was kicked out of the Lin family my uncle after waiting for it!”
  Chen diving really take him that way at all: “Can you mature a little?Zhang How do you think this kind of thing will do it?”
  ”I do not care if he would do, he did not want to do, I have to force him to do.”Lin Qi said:” I do not care, I just want to move Bi Ying died!”
  Zhao Happy really can not see passed: “Do you think you are?Even if you have the ability to let him die, you think you’re doing that sort of thing it is not a crime?”
  ”so what?Even if I kill him, as someone can help me to the top of mine, I’ll be fine.”Qi Lin bluntly:” This is my strength.”
  ”OK, ah, you have the strength, you Niubi, you let your

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k will eventually tired Gu mercilessly kill her.It seems the future really can not presumptuous, ah, Ji Zhou Zhou once again remind ourselves.

  Gu tired book re-release bait, and this time is no longer boasted, quietly catch their own fish, and soon landed a big up, with Ji Zhou Zhou reasonable fish caught.
  Cham Chu leaves and pour over there are starting to catch a few, such as when they appear uncle and Shen Ye, creel is full.
  Zhou Zhou Ji Li glanced at the appropriate three mountain face, the eyes are all happy to see them, especially Lee softly, almost irrepressible pride, she knew, I am afraid that their contracts have been signed.
  Zhou Zhou Ji mood and depressed, and tired Gu book paused, silently watching with a body block her line of sight toward that.
  ”You c苏州夜网atch good fish, stew definitely better,” Uncle laughed, “this mountain is also wild mushrooms and the like, so be it, a little later we pick some separately, so go back together to the chef, do tons of raw Zi how to flavor meals?”
  The rest are junior, naturally agreed, just to continue to say uncle, the housekeeper came in a hurry, and said in his ear a few words on the other side of the.
  Uncle sighed complain: “I have a friend here, and so I went to see it, I think this fish is not enough, then you Juanjuan catch some mushrooms, then go to the woods will be able to pick up, you first playing, we lunch when goodbye.”
  ”Ok.”Gu nodded tired book.
  Uncle are looking to Shen Ye: “Little Shen, you see.”
  ”Gary has left the fishing, I dare do nothing, I went wild and softly it can be considered a part of labor.”Shen said wild 北京夜网joke.
  Uncle nodded, with a housekeeper away, this is not warm atmosphere suddenly cool down.
  Gu book tired eye staring down the water, as before, will be regarded as nothing Shen Ye.Shen Ye smiled, as if he did not see the cold, turned to Zhou Zhou Ji said: “Zhou Zhou, you stay here too boring, or go wild with me and softly togeth上海夜网er?”
  ”I do not know wild, went no help.”Zhou Zhou

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He can mix at the time of the Security Department of the wind and water.

  Because he knows the importance of cohesion, when Excalibur forces, their dragon group cohesion is no single group can match, so even the most powerful man of the family of disciples led by ZHAO Yan spectrum “God edge special warfare group “is not, and Chen diving them ‘dragon group’ compete.
  Even God edge in numbers and strength of the man seems to be more than the dragon group, but the same task to enable them to compete, God will always be cutting edge and the Dragon group least bit of difference.
  Since that time, Chen diving very clear role in the cohesion.
  Are one hundred percent trust between all of God edges critical moment will lose the reason the dragon is lost in the group of “cohesion”, only the strongest will be able to make a cohesive team.
  This trust in ordinary day looks like just a means to maintain the emotional relationship, but it can save your life at a critical time thing.
  It is only in the case of people of trust to impunity will be back to another person.
  Only this time, he can wholeheartedly to deal with the crisis in the face of trouble and in front of his own to face, because he knows, in his heart and soul behind is not only a protection of his people, he would absolutely guarantee their own behind the person’s back will not hurt.
  This thing is mutual.

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guess right, the rest of the weekend at home to Dr. Huang Li Yaping after the pulse and run off their children on the proposal, and so on for two years to have children.

  Li Yaping was only 20, Qiong also only twenty-four, another two years, the couple is also very young and.
  Unexpectedly, Li Yaping suddenly fell to his knees in front of Dr. Huang cries: “Dr. Huang, I beg you to help me save my son, then I give you your reward Chores!”
  Dr Wong immediately stood up and rushed ugly face Qiong said: “Put away your wife help them, since you do not listen to my advice, then find someone else!”
  Qiong Li Yaping will pull up, red in the face with Dr. Huang apologized: “Sorry Dr. Huang, Yaping has been trying to conceive a boy, too emotional.”
  ”You know how it must be the son of the stomach?”Dr. Huang cold face interrupted him,” a half months, the stomach is not significant, that is, the geniuses who came also discerned child sex.”
  Qiong startled a little, but it certainly looked down on him and said to the arms of Li Yaping, Li Yaping: “I dreamed of the Goddess of Mercy, I saw her put a Fairchild into my stomach.”
  Qiong: “.”
  If not believe in ghosts, but his face was a trace of hope emerge北京会所体验网s.
  Daughter is good, but he wanted a son.
  Yaping This dream is clearly Kwun Yam sons, if it is true.
  Dr. Huang Qiong seen clearly move the heart to leave the child, turned our backs straight and said: “You go, today is my day of rest.”
  Qiong repeatedly apologized, and took Li Yaping said thanks, then said clinic tomorrow to find him.
  Dr Wong noncommittal.
  Early next morning, Zhou aunt to little plush homes alone will give Yaya do playmates, little say a few words, pulled Qi Yue hands earnestly authentic: “Doctor Richie, I know aunt next words might not very pleasant to the ear, but still I want to talk aunt.”
  Qi Yue Zhou aunt faintly guess what to say, she really does not want to hear, but could not stop Zhou aunt.
  ”Doctor Richie, we ah woman, whether in the countryside or town, as long as my husband married a man had 广州桑拿网to add a son to stand firm, or a year or so things ha

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“I ah brother.My company have to do more than three years.”The more later also tasted the lotus mouth halogen, pointed the way to the other side of the magazine:” I have that on top.”

“You’re not going to participate in the variety yet?!”

“That was four years ago, things.”

“And later he participated in a ah?!”

“That was three years ago, things.”

The more knowledge so stunned for a long time, so he took the magazine went to the kitchen, all the way across to howl a voice: “Dad!His little late into the brand-name entrepreneurs!”

“what- ”

Then father and son in the next two magazines muttering Minato looked a long time, and he took a cell phone to check the size of the enterprise and also the late Baidu Encyclopedia.

Both were shocked: “When did you do such a large sum?National chain stores are completely open up to me to say do not do?!”

They two years running domestic and foreign, usually enough time to sleep, did not completely change the time to understand what development of garment industry, awareness of brands has very few clothes.

It took so long to react suddenly, almost like a dream.

The evening also a look of innocence: “I.Why gotta tell you that.”

“Financing ah?A round B round money where you come?!”The more knowledge it burst into:” The math is not attached to your previous two or three years

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 ”The little girl one person’s?”

  ”Qin brother actually has a niece children?”
  ”I know the first time, so exciting.”
  ”These days tired as a dog, of a sudden, like playing with blood.”
  ”Ha ha ha, I am also.”
  Forest Creek accidentally heard several female staff whispered discussion: “.”
  He suddenly felt that Jiang should sleep face to hide it, is a very difficult thing.
  The driver Jiang Mian invited her to town after asking specifically re杭州桑拿quested a four or five-year-old uncle, his face was long sand carved signs in his eyes, occasionally passing, are “businessmen” of shrewd.
  He originally wanted to extort a sum of ginger sleep, to see her wear so well, a look that is wealthy city people, and the long vain and tender, obviously inexperienced.
  But when you see Ginger sl广州桑拿网eep over here eyes, his mind a cold, the other’s eyes, it seems perfectly clear that he will want to make them all look out, he had told a price, with ginger sleepless night to catch the Road.
  After Jiang Mian actor and father of dropped calls, no call back, but micro letter to actor father, reported her position.
  The driver from time to time to aim her direction.
  Turn down the road so boring, easy drowsing, uncle even playing a few yawn, do not live, he said: “girl, you look for someone to desert your dad, not afraid of it.”
  ”What are they afraid.”Girl crisp stereo sound in the car, surrounded by quiet, it seemed her voice crisp leaves a little more than empty quiet, nice is nice, but it makes my heart inexplicable surge of cool.
  The driver seems to feel, to see less of the frequency of sleep Jiang: “You are a girl, a广州桑拿 man, not afraid of bad experience, I’ve seen several young girls due to ride accident news.”
  Jiang Mian suddenly turned around and gave him a sweet smile; “Uncle you are bad?”
  The driver surprised a moment, Gengzhuobozi, roar of the sentence: “Of course not.”
  Jiang Mian faint “Oh,” a cry, and said: “My dad came to pick my path, but do not worry, promised to give

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To be in the hospital to accompany bed, did not go skiing, he was afraid of the sun, is a favorite sport in ski.

  After XIA just back away, we see skiers in the organization of winter activities on the school forum, just point a few years also include the Lantern Festival activities, but also can be chartered round-trip along with a large army, along with his buy up two tickets when to add a birthday gift, so the original Xiao birthday the day’s activities also have.
  ”Send me to do this, you are so cold, not afraid of their own in the ski frozen!”Xiao holds the original ticket, she whispered something.
  ”Grandma says your favorite ski Well!”XIA away can now be felt before the original Xiao always get cold forced her to say thank you is, what kind of feelings, and resentfully took under his arm,” obediently say thank you not do!But for your birthday, I did not ski it!Cold died!”
  Now may the original Xiao, looking away XIA need to spend money on a birthday gift awkward feel uncomfortable, can be considered to be more people understand the more hurried say thank you thank you do not want to talk about is what it feels like, simply folded his arms away from the hoop XIA into his arms above her head and whispered: “you are cold on ski slopes, after dare Global flags?Antarctica how to do!”
  ”Cold and finished

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I am sorry, wait, I’ll get you to the lab to give you looking for a bottle of oil over!”

  Pei side of the boat and walked upstairs, while warmly greeting, “Robert adjutant, days too late, or you leave it to eat a meal!”
  Hear “eat,” Robert adjutant’s face lit up, and immediately said: “Well!!”
  Heard thunderous footsteps coming from upstairs.
  Robert adjutant sip a sip lips appear rust, this carefully to look toward Mr. Fox, do mouth said: “how?I played pretty good today?”
  Mr. Fox to reveal a satisfied smile on his subordinates nodded approval, then mouthed the same way: “After dinner, went on to say!”
  Robert adjutant look a Su, nodded his head.
  After a child, Pei boat carrying his tray, walked down from the second floor kitchen.
  ”Due to time constraints, I prepared dinner simple point today, I hope do n广州桑拿ot mind adjutant Mr..”
  Robert adjutant sat bolt upright posture at the table, quickly said: “No, no, Pei doctors what to do, I feel very good to eat!”
  Mr. Fox also shook its tail, prettily called out: “Woo ah!”I will not hold anything against da!

Chapter 59 doctors punch fifty-ninth Tian Pei
  Pei boat will dish on the table, w苏州夜网hich he took out a bottle of oil to start on the front of Robert adjutant, and then took out a dinner plate, neatly stacked on a dinner plate three chocolate.
  RobertSpecial adjutant waited a long time did not see the familiar metal, strangely Pei Zhou asked: “I’m havin ‘?”
  Pei Zhou smiled and nodded: “You can try to see.”
  ”Ok.”Robert thought maybe Pei boat is still doing what it innovative dishes, they first drank oil Wet your whistle, then began to use chopsticks to clip chocolate.
  Such a hands-on, he quickly discovered the components on the chopsticks wrong, this is obviously a lot of heavy than the average chocolate.
  His eyes showing a trace of surprise in glory, a mouth quickly bite, bite tangible – a metal block!
  His three two chew swallow the mouth piece of metal, I saw under the patina of chocolate, is actually a深圳桑拿网 golden Guan

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Said I did not love, do not want to say, and said forget, I said to give up

I said I did not love, do not want to say, and said forget, said to give up; sometimes, people’s memories are always so fragile.Often a glass of wine, a song, a junction; you will be brought back memories used to have, like a mirage emerge in front.See your beauty, your laughter, your tears; see my fault, my bad, my drunk; we have seen the hand, once the oath, I had the happiness.

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