Day: August 3, 2019

e same, obviously countryside Nitui Zi, who was a fool, but in vain a long good-looking face did not say, especially that a pair of clear eyes Smart, when looking at the people, wished for human heart followed softened.

  Even if Chen Xue is not a man, in some cases to double on the eyes, but also a moment of absence, every time I see the eyes, she can not wait for this one pair of hook people’s eyes to dig out, thrown out.
  Let it hook people everywhere.
  ”Fox, you did not hook hook one, you do not know your heart?”Chen Xue teeth, do not think she did not see his brother have previously Bong Nguyen smiled rain.
  Nguyen rain face a positive, laugh, “I do not know, as you face in front of everybody, to say the crystal clear??”Her voice was sweet, he wa北京养生会所s saying also Ruannuo waxy, without the slightest deterrent Wei.
  But it happens, her plate with a little face, tightly stretched, but added with a bit angry.
  ”Fox!”Chen Xue” shameless!”
  Her voice faded, I heard the crisp Pakistan applause, Nguyen rain hit, slap or a firmly hit the Chen Xue’s face, she stressing each syllable, “Chen Xue, if your mother did not teach you man, I do not mind you teach!”
  A pun on the words may.
  Nguyen had been rain, to the shock of everyone, all recovered, people have to understand, and a burst of laughter.
  Some even watch, but also the first thing is not big enough,”I do not fight face beatings, Nguyen rain classmates you it’s a bit hard ah!”
  Especially in the face of a clear Chen Xue finger mark, it is a bit shocking.
  Nguyen rain innocent smile, “But Who Chen Xue curse it??Also giving names of the curse, or we allow Chen Xue classmates you try Mama??You will not see reviled not playing does not fight back??”
  Chen Xue answered a God, she clutching his cheeks burning, almost eyeball stare out, “You hit me??”
  ”I say, your mouth is not clean, since your parents do not teach, I replace them!”Ruan said rain, 苏州桑拿his face serious, even if it is good to know the conditions of Chen Xue family,

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