Day: August 5, 2019

so openly go out into the crown himself really okay.

  Even the wait has been next to Corydalis are hung his head and wanted to Renxiao is very hard to endure.
  Imperial concubine put aside the cup, pretty cups with the desktop rattling sound of a slight bump.
  ”I am you, you are booing, not only did not repen北京夜网t in the lesson, actually playing the eviction idea to play.”Imperial concubine some dumbfounding.
  Heng Yu had also some impertinent, heard immediately straightened look, eyes barely tolerable to the imperial concubine.
  Imperial concubine knowing, and lowered her eyes, lightly: “You first withdraw it.”
  ”Slaves Zunzhi.”In the hall ready for him all the ladies leaned over the bow, then slowly back down.
  And other hall only mother and two o’clock, just Heng Yu then said: “Queen, my life ambition is just to do a idle princes, and such ambition can just let me I whim, without suspicion.”
  Heng jade and imperial concubine in the eye, she directly asked aloud: “My son willing to do?”
  ”Nothing willing to be reconciled, I had not in this blog.”Heng Yu smiled, his face full of calm, instead of pretending to be relieved.
  Finish the s苏州夜网entence, the value of jade to divert the subject, after “Congratulations mother Princess has not got what they深圳桑拿网 wanted, topped the bit.”
  From Huan Yi Bureau of little ladies, step by step climb to the place of the mother of kings, Heng Yu had lamented his mother Princess really good means.
  King Yuan emperor may have been favored with, but imagine so many concubines, he let his mother Princess Fu Huang attracted more than a dozen contained in this process, which is where the simple.
  Imperial concubine hear his words just shook his head smile, paused, waving imperial concubine Yu Chong Heng let him come near to come.
  Once Heng Yu

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