Day: August 7, 2019

arm, but at her and said:

  ”Hungry, I want to eat meat!Wood want to eat meat!”
  After listening to these words warm wood IX and Gu Sheng-hung were a little surprised.
  He was a man to eat three or four meals, and now even said hungry!
  Gu Sheng-hung wood before kinda pathetic homeless, living on the streets of it, and now it will be able to s北京夜网ee the wood a person eat so much, he was a little regret, quietly muttering toward the warm nine:
  ”Mother, uncle wood eat it too?!If he then eat a few meals in our house, our family had bottomed cylinder children’s food, and we also afford to pay for him.”
  Gu Hong Sheng concern is not without reason.
  But they do not feel warm nine wood can give away, the wood looks silly, as if there is no survival skills, if they do not take him, let the wood a person living on the outside, I am afraid he live much longer.
  There is a saying well, you had better help people help in the end, Wen nine now could not bear to drive out the wood, she went to another had to do a meal.
  Let the wood fed, and then slowly asked him where home is, and then he sent back this way, the temperature nine can be considered a good man to do in the end, successful c上海夜网ompletion of the task.
  To their home’s current economic situation, more than a few tubes of wood meal i都市兔兔体验网s not too difficult thing.
  Let Gu Hong Sheng Wen nine with wood with small gray wolf lady play with.
  Wood may be silly courageous and strong, to see this monster wolf lady, there is no fear of the way.
  They looked at the school and harmonious way, rest assured Wen nine to cook.
  Wen nine from Dagushan take back the dog to kill the Archduke pheasant, put together with iron yam cooked a big pot.
  In another stove, she steamed a pot of steamed bread staple food.
  Do the meals, warm n

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