Day: August 8, 2019

er seasoned, marinated meat, etc. Well, let’s go back to your mother for her also, after all parties do not intend, do not have more contact, so again stir up trouble.

  Think they do assists Qi Yongfu, if Zhefan hear her voice, angry and afraid to cough up.
  On the other side, Lei Jun ride home, to see h北京桑拿is mother humming turned over the yard vegetable garden with a hoe.
  Yesterday the farce, the vegetable garden chicken feathers vegetables stepped pulpy, Ye Yingmei had to re-identify the seeds sown again.
  He remembered this morning before leaving, his mother also directed this piece of vegetable moan and groan, now how happy hum songs up?
  ”Mother, you come across a good thing today?”He parked the bike, and asked out of doubt in his heart.
  ”Military child back!”Ye Yingmei down hoe, barefoot out of the vegetable garden, smiling to meet her,” there is a good thing, you guess.”
  Lei Jun wiping the sweat on his forehead, and he did not want to guess, because he never guess quasi before, but refuses to do so has not been exported, ears suddenly sounded Qi Yue said that on the road, he brow all at once: “regulating the family 深圳桑拿网He sent me to the meat sent back?”
  Ye Yingmei face surprise of color: “military child you OK, ah, this is the first time you guess one thing, however, is only half right, you then guess the other half.”
  Lei Jun did not understand why his mother always likes to play this guessing the trick, but the face of his mother’s eyes light up, he always defeated, this is no exception, he thought back to the road : “Mother let Qi t get back half?”
  After listening to his guess, Yeying Mei Fu Zhang laugh, laugh Lei Jun look confused, mouth and asked: “I was right?”
  ”No, you did not guess right.”Ye Yingmei smiled and shook his head,” I let him put pork back.”
  ”What you are laughing?”Lei Jun helpless face.
  ”I laugh because happy, glad we Niangliang minds.”Ye Yingmei finally stopped laughing, but all eyes mouth smile,” I have just th苏州夜网is morning and regulating the family good brother said, after walking two to relatives.But I have not told you about it, you

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