Day: August 10, 2019

e frightening is the same as Tang Siu-tong and he also signed to Dana here, this is not made clear is chasing him to do?Before he can hide away广州桑拿论坛, Tang Tang chasing too anxious he can dump his face, now how can I do?

  Zhibuding own front foot just a bad attitude Tang Tang, Tang Tang Ming Dong went to complain to the back foot.
  Bo Chen grew more and more desperate, grew more and more tired, he always felt the next few Yan Tang Tang signed to Dinah, made clear that Tang Siu-tong to create opportunities so that Tang Tang easier to approach him.
  After how to do, how to this day too?
  After Bo Chen paralysis on the sofa, not only micro-Bo made circle of friends, but the hair is too blatant Ming Yan know less and bad, Bo Chen no love tangle for a while and eventually made a map.
  His top is a picture that looks miserable, Bo Chen to the picture with the words:
  [I, Chen Bo, wreck a man]
  And other finished just think of it there’s no shield Tang Siu-tong.
  Tang Tang saw then asked what happened to him, how to do!He cried find how to do!He is the reason she is still the same as before to ignore her?
  Bo Chen was thinking about whether or not to hold the phone to delete the calculations, the results point in a pile of praise, actually I saw the point of Yan Yan Chan!
  Yan Yan not only深圳桑拿网 give him the praise, there is still a comment!
  With Yan Yan’s comments, where Bo Chen also willing to delete this circle of friends, Hsin Tao Tang Tang saw it, you saw it, control her, or is it more important Yan Yan.
  Bo Chen replied to Yan Yan’s comments, I sentence you both to talk a lot, and finally transferred to a whisper, looking at the message sent Yan Yan, Chen Bo excited almost jumped up.
  Bo Chen Yan Yan do not dare to mention in front of unhappy things, Yan Yan will be afraid to say these boring, happened in Yan Yan asked him to do something, Bo Chen Yipaitaitui, immediately found a chat entry point.
  Bo Chen replies,
  [I’m looking at you that the Department of “Silent”]

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