Day: August 11, 2019

not just their individual ability has be深圳桑拿en recognized, the most important thing is to attend the party are beginning to face the powerful and elegant.Opportunity came, maybe you can make them able to talk for a few is good.

  Originally, Song Xin Yan is no opportunity to attend the party, but her money directly, the additional quota of a colleague bought it.
  ”Xin Yan, tomorrow night you want to attend the party it?”SOUTH – a look of envy look to Song Xin Yan.
  Before she secretly asked Song Xin Yan Yan will total as companion attended the party, Song Xin Yan said she will not attend.I did not think, just one day, she took a quota Huang Ming Ming.
  ”Xin Yan, I also want to go to the party, as you will give me good places?Anyway, you always say with serious, he would take you attend.”Begged SOUTH -.
  ”I’m really not always follow strict relationship imagined you, and this party dress I was ready, sorry ah, or else, you see there are no other colleagues inconvenient to attend?”SOUTH – always love Zhanxiaopianyi, Song Xin Yan will not spoil her.Besides, this places or spend money to buy her back, how could white to give SOUTH -?
  And tomorrow evening, Yanjing Yang is certainly present,深圳桑拿网 this is an excellent opportunity she contacted him up.
  ”How could someone will be places to get it out, or you life is good, so easy to get places.”
  After SOUTH – was rejected, but not too much with a trace of unhappy look, the tone is full of sour Italy.Song Xin Yan Yan asked to take a total quota of how easy ah, she did not open, and have actually asked for a quota colleagues.According to her, Song Xin Yan just want to install aloof in the face of strict general.
  Song Xin Yan smiled, ignored her words where the meaning acid.
  Fiftieth anniversary celebration party was held at the scenic Group of Hotels.It has been parked outside the hotel parking lot car.
  Black car parked in a remote corner at Yanjing Yang put out the fire, to see to the girl in the passenger seat, “I do not really

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