Day: August 12, 2019


  ”You are not someone outside?”Cheng Zhi Mian abruptly.
  Yea surprised a moment, and suddenly l杭州桑拿洗浴ike its eye Uttaradit.
  ”of course not!”Chengyi Li engraved deny tract, the black face.
  Cheng Zhi Mian stare: “hey how do you sleep mention divorce Gu?”
  Cheng Yi said: “She and I have no feelings of.”
  Yea strange looking at him: “You do not want to turn away from?”
  Uttaradit depressed heart.
  Gu sleep is probably aware of strong-willed, Uttaradit finally agreed to divorce, division of property or in accordance with the divorce agreement before Lane.
  This return Yat no longer dragging a week to run a variety of procedures put.
  Gu and sleep on Monday morning to receive similar divorce certificate.
  They are very calm and stable emotional.
  Also out of the divorce certificate, good mood Gu Cheng Yiyu let stuffy endless sleepless.
  He suggested: “eat a meal together?”
  Gu sleep finally got a divorce certificate, the mood agreed.
  Cheng Yi Gu sleep finally learned to ask advice, care and sleep went to a hot pot restaurant.
  Uttaradi杭州桑拿洗浴t off the suit jacket on a chair, untied cufflinks, shirt sleeves rolled to the middle arm, his tie pulled loose also, crooked around his neck, although the store open air, but the hot pot restaurants there are hot pot of spicy hot or let out a thin sweat on his face, from time to time draw breath, put a few mouthfuls of plum juice Mengguan looks finally have Jisi popularity.
  After eating hot pot, Uttaradit buying single go to the bathroom to wash my face, out of time, ties have been fastened, dragged in her arms suit jacket, pants suit lining of his long legs more slender, has returned to that Vice social elite solemn appearance.
  There eat pot together two sister backward against drooling Uttaradit.
  They went downstairs togeth

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