Day: August 13, 2019

does not know his mind, but now she has no match him with Qi Yue’s mind, so he ordered the sentence: “Not in regulating the family, in the Yuan family, but Qijia Yuan Jia borrowed stove.”

  ”it’s the same.”Fang Guoliang touched the back of the head giggle.
  Fangqin white eye his silly brother, turned into the kitchens continue to cook.
  Room, Qi Yue sitting on the bed near the window sill, a little slit the envelope, pulled the letter, started penetrating, jumped into the eyes of one character, trance, standing in南宁夜网 front of her as LEI, brought her endless pressure.
  Flip stationery she wants to, but finally pressed the idea, forcing myself a word read on –
  ”Qi Yue, you’re probably not want to see my letter, I do not even want to hear the news, but I look forward to hearing from you in a thousand miles away, I hope you do not regret telling you marry me.”
  Qi Yue was angry fist straight bed, mouth shouted: “liar, you’re a big liar, who will marry you?I regret, regret dead!”
  ”Sister, how you?”
  Qiming Ming walked into the room, the bag on the table.
  Qi Yue moment before she entered the room behind you will fold stationery, try to calm and replied: “Nothing.”
  ”You read the letter right?Her husband’s letter?”Qiming Ming eye rotation, curious face,” said the brother believe what you blushed.”
  ”I have blush do?”Qi Yue touching the 天津夜网face, does have some hot,” I am the air, you were out, I want to change clothes.”
  ”You want to change to change the pictures, I do not see.”
  ”You go out tomorrow, I’ll give you cook a meat dish fragrant egg.”Qi Yue promise.
  Qiming Ming eyes light up, stretched out twoFinger: “Two.”
  ”OK, can not come within half an hour.”Qi Yue happy promise, she will launch a go, bolt the door.
  Qiming Ming pushed out the door, suddenly fel深圳桑拿网t himself to be just a little, and shouted through the door: “I want three.”
  ”One day eat up to two eggs, not allowed Zainao.”Qi Yue Xun her sentence, sat back edge of the windowsill, expand Stationery –
  ”I know you’re definitely call me a liar, I had also intended to justify, excuse me did not deceive you, but

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