Day: August 18, 2019

e mathematical Luming Wen exam 98, close to a perfect score, the Luming Wen happy not believe it, ask Luomeng Ying title is not out of her farm there can be a difficult topic, test the top 85 all day, and he took the test 98, incredible.

  Luming Wen doubt make Luomeng Ying laughing, “is a farm out of the exam, Comrade Li Xuemei specifically ask them to write more than the past turned a deaf ear, a full twenty pages, enough that you could bear it.”
  ”Stand it, no matter how much the topic, we all like.”
  Luming Wen know the old farm is learned scholars, they have the opportunity to do out of the question, is their honor.
  The beginning of July, elementary school summer holidays, and the production team suddenly became noisy, county leaders surveyed students杭州桑拿 places down the things that all the villagers voted out of the cast, they went away with confidence, go out to the farm before you go aim of the two pigs, pigs asked Xue Huahua not anything special food to eat, and why looking at pig Duntou than other production teams around the county have several production teams want to come to learn pig technology.
  ”Where is there any pig technology is, one day five tons would not let them go hungry, morning and evening wash over the pigpen, pig comfortably eat only highIf, perish in the flames.
  Tang crisp look to see a man that has been afraid to screen, shiny eyes with a laugh, “Well unfortunately, not how you look, I did not think your courage is so small.”He tightly around her the whole, we can see how fear is.
  Yanjing Yang Gouzhuo lip, despised Don crisp, still pleasant look.Soft s南宁桑拿oft girl’s body, still warm with fragrant girl he liked was not, then good-looking movie, can match around her to meet you.
  Villa mansion.
  ”Miss Lu tea to go, I will buy a new tea to taking a dip in it.”Dong Lianyun spun together your own hair, with a mouth smile, she looked forward to her visit to Lu Nian month.
  ”Yes, ma’am.”
  ”Even aunt does not need too kind.”Lu Nian month graceful mann

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