Day: August 20, 2019

l ah!

  There have been people who want to conceal it better to do something that is not called gas gathering Dan sell too fast, wait until daybreak himself with savings both to the door with a sack Yao Wang Ge buy immortality, who become like this As a result, he saw their younger brothers and brothers were next door are holding sacks, squatting in front of the door Yao Wang Ge, etc..
  Sell themselves, or put it in the alley door to sell it, this Court Yao Wang Dan wonders of gas gathering news go after that gas gathering Dan sell very quickly, almost brought a store, it was snapped up a space, even Yao Wang Ge towns nearby are against a blank.
  Today, there are already three disciples were sent over to want to talk about things of a long-term supply, and that gas gathering Dan, has been out for two days.
  Luoxue side convened a group to make disciples gas gathering Dan, one side and the man were a few things to talk about martial art to the long-term supply of this.
  These were doors are regarded as the name of these doors, there is a second-rate martial art around, many of their number, and the rich and powerful, is the largest natural order.Dan gas gathering such basic and inexpensive immortality, general supply the南宁夜网se doors are direct and cooperation, before this business is being Mya Court gave a monopoly, the King Valley can only picking up a few mediocre cases door to supply, which in several cases to visit to talk about it in front of this immortality thing is already for a long time there have been things.
  This came to visit a few touches people’s attitude in general, could not conceal it curious that the magic of the gas gathering Dan, and his words many temptations, so that a few people listened to King Valley could not help but frown.
  When asked to wait until the price, Luoxue drink a cup of tea, lightly, “fifteen Lingshi.”
  Here are some cases of people who listened to the door of the price, even more expensive than that sold out, feel this head is filled with glass elders, wrangling for a long time, began with a Luoxue no佛山桑拿t let their anger at Shuaix

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