Day: August 21, 2019

normally too harsh on children, and he did not tender Niangqin, therefore, will produce such a psychological dependence on the temperature and nine.

  Single-parent families, children, whether it is a single father or, a single mother worth mentioning, parents must assume the responsibility of two people.
  In other words, educate a child, and must have severe side, but also bound to have a moderate time, so incentives and penalties for the job.
  If severe or blindly blindly doting, always let the child’s personality being a bad influence.
  Temperature last nine hurry, hurry to go, and it did not come with Lu Liang said that this child, and so she was ready to have the opportunity,深圳桑拿网 with the exchange of Luliang about, the experience of ourselves with children, teach tactful give him.
  ”Good boy, do you run so fast?Running too fast is easy to wrestling, after walking fast in focus, you know?”
  Wen said the head of nine touched Luzi Ning.
  ”Aunt, I remember, the future will not be the case.”Luzi Ning was Wenjiu An comfort a lot, and I feel much better, from her warm nine stuck his head nodding solemnly.
  ”Zhenguai.”Wen nine out his hand, touched his head spoiled the melon.
  Temperature side of the Pearl, looking at the interaction between temperature and nine with Luzi Ning, nothing can be said to be stunned.
  Why, this whelp, with so warm nine pro?
  Also called her a bitch?
  Wen nine is the bitch Well?She temperature Pearl today in her new work clothes, wearing so many mirrors, and rub the fragrant pow苏州夜网der, how could it smell?
  Pearl heart of Luzi Ning Wen hated the floor, she was wondering, waiting for her to do a sou北京夜网l mate, be sure to find ways to kill the whelp!
  She was thinking, you see a man walking in front.
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