[Who can’t eat mulberries]_Contraindications_Applicable population

[Who can’t eat mulberries]_Contraindications_Applicable population

Mulberry is a kind of fruit, there are red, purple, sweeter to eat, and mulberry can be seen in the market all year round.

Mulberry is rich in nutrients and is an appetizing spleen, but because it is cold, some people are not suitable for eating.

So who can’t eat mulberries?

The first is that people with low gastrointestinal function are not easy to eat; in addition, pregnant women in early pregnancy should also pay attention, it is best not to eat.

Mulberry food taboos: 1, pregnant women eat mulberry cautiously as a mother-to-be. Women who consume mulberry in moderation can cause appetite and spleen, but because mulberry is a cold fruit, pregnant women whose constitution is biased towards coldness are advised not to eat it.Otherwise, it may easily lead to diarrhea in pregnant women, and even severe miscarriage, which is not good for mothers and children.

2. The mother is cautious when eating mulberry. Many mothers are weak after giving birth. Consumption of mulberry can easily hurt the stomach, cause diarrhea, and is not conducive to postpartum recovery.

Furthermore, since mulberries are cold foods, women are advised to consume more warm and nourishing foods after giving birth.

3. Infants and young children eat mulberries with caution because mulberries contain a large amount of trace amounts of protease inhibitors, which will affect the baby’s absorption of iron, calcium, and zinc. It is under consideration for the growth of the baby. Consuming mulberries is not good for the growth and development of the baby.It is healthy, and your baby is likely to get stuck in the throat when eating mulberry. It is recommended to eat it with caution.

Other things to note are: 1. Mulberry is available in black and white, and fresh food uses purple and black as supplements.

Immature cannot eat.

2. Avoid using iron when boiling mulberries. Mulberries will decompose acidic substances and cause chemical poisoning with iron.

3, mulberry contains hemolytic allergens and hyaluronic acid, hemolytic enteritis is prone to occur after excessive consumption.

4, those with spleen deficiency and diarrhea should not eat mulberry.

5, mulberry contains more starch, that is, high sugar content, people with diabetes should not eat foods containing sugar, so mulberry should be avoided.

6, Mulberry has a similar food-duck eggs, eat together with each other will be prone to stomach cancer.