[Cupcakes]_Cupcakes_How to Make_How to Make

[Cupcakes]_Cupcakes_How to Make_How to Make

Front-end cupcakes are loved by people for their small and cute appearance, and they are easy to carry and have high nutritional value. They are an essential dessert snack for office workers and watching movies.

If baby cupcakes are irreplaceable food at home, the independent packaging is even clean and hygienic and can satisfy the baby’s desire for dessert at any time.

The method of cupcakes is also simple and easy to operate. Here are the details: Step 1 Prepare n paper cups Step 2 Separate egg yolk from egg whites (eggs are placed in high water and oil-free high containers) Step 3 Add 20 grams of granulated sugar and beat with electricThe egg machine is stirred and thick, then you can add milk in step 4: 45g, corn oil: 45g and mix well with an eggbeater. Step 5 The flour must be sieved three times and poured with a rubber spatula.

(In order to avoid defoaming, you ca n’t use circles.) Step 6: Use an electric eggbeater to pass the meringue. The speed should follow (low, medium, high, low). You cannot use the same speed to pass the protein.Step 7 First, beat at a low speed to the coarse foam and add 1/3 fine sugar to dissolve. In the second step, add 1/2 fine sugar to the fine foam when medium speed is used to continue to dissolve. In the third step, beat at high speed toWhen the texture appears, add the remaining granulated sugar and continue to dissolve until it is wet, foaming, and a small hook to preheat the oven. Heat up and down 160 degrees. Step 8 Take the excess meringue and add it to the egg yolk paste., Pour the cake batter into two thirds of the meringue, and then reverse the phase evenly and smoothly. You can not see the meringue (no need to stir, over-stirring will defoam).Then, shake it a few times to shake out the bubbles in the batter (this step is very important!

) Step 10 Add the pre-heated oven, heat 120 to 160, bake 20-30 minutes