of 400 people, according to the number of troops, the ratio to the wars.

  Because Xiao Jiajun is on the front line of the battlefield, so that four hundred people in the medical team, the first to be assigned to the Xiaojia Jun in.
  With this medical team, Xiao Jiajun down very happy.
  Previously, on the battlefield, was seriously injured soldiers, which, there can be saved!
  Casualty rate greatly reduced, can save the lives of so many people, this is not a good thing to do?
  Wen nine did not stay long in the capital, she went back to the small Village.
  She also began to soldiers on the battlefield, to fight on the battlefield winter to prepare.
  The first is the clothes.
  A few years ago, We南宁桑拿论坛n Ke first time to the battlefield, warm nine gave him a coat of down.
  The clothes, so warm in the cold Northern Territory Ke, survived the winter.
  Later, during a chat, Wen Zhou Xiangting nine mention this matter with child.
  A duck down with the making of clothes, can help people through the cold winter.
  The idea attracted Zhou Xiangting.
  Because it is able to make money the way, Zhou Xiangting No interest.
  But, with clothes made of duck down, the price is not high, not low, looks not very good looking, do not take the fashion with the edges.
  Such clothes, the nobility there is certainly nothing Market.
  It can be sold to ordinary people, but also a little vain to earn money –
  What is not, Zhou Xiangting doing business, has always been highly profitable, puerile not his style.
  So, this jacket business sense, even though he was interested in, consider for a moment, he gave up.
  However, Zhou Xiangting At that time, people al杭州龙凤桑拿so received a lot of duck down, about as much as a few hundred pounds.
  These received a duck feather, also paid for, so Zhou Xiangting on

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