[How to choose salted duck eggs]_How to choose_How to choose

[How to choose salted duck eggs]_How to choose_How to choose

Although duck eggs are not as popular as eggs, duck eggs are a more culinary ingredient and are more suitable for making delicious dishes than eggs. For example, salted duck eggs are a very special snack. Almost every household will make salted duck eggs.

Before making, you need to choose good quality duck eggs. Let ‘s take a look at how to choose salted duck eggs.

Let ‘s take a look at the explanation below.

1. The size of salted duck eggs. Generally, small duck eggs are difficult to be salty, and they will not grow up until later. There will be some ones that are not salty.

2. It is recommended to choose a big one when choosing, so that it will ensure a salty taste.

3. Salted duck egg taste; some duck eggs sold on the market may give off a smell of washing powder or other odor.

4. When you choose, you can smell the egg skin. Generally, it will be tasteless or smelly.

Or weird flavor 5, the color of the salted duck egg crusts; usually pick green instead of white.

Because the chance of green oil is relatively large.

You can compare colors.

Come to choose.

6, ingredients; no matter how big or small, the oil will sink a little.

This is a tip that I have bought many times.

7, everyone chooses Shen, a big one will do.

There is a lot of this oil spill.

8. The appearance of duck eggs; general merchants selling duck eggs will open a look, we can look at the duck egg yolk for some reference.

Feel a lot of oil can buy a few to eat.

If there is no oil, change to another house.

The precautions are as follows: 1. Egg shells with better quality are generally clean, round and shiny, and the egg shells are blue. Generally, the shells of salted duck eggs with poor quality are relatively dark and easily broken, and the shelf life is short.

The part of the egg shell near the yolk is slightly blackened, indicating that the duck eggs are well salted and there will be a good oil output after cooking.

2. Hold the salted egg in your hand and shake it gently.

For mature salted eggs, the protein is water-like, and the yolk is firm. When shaken, the protein solution flows and there is a sound of water hitting.

The bastard and inferior eggs did not rattle.

3. The salted duck egg’s egg heart can best distinguish the quality of the duck egg. After picking up the duck egg, look at the bright light or the sun and check whether the salted duck egg’s heart is red. If it can be ground slightly red, it will indicate the quality of the salted duck eggYes, the duck eggs can’t be seen at all.