r?Opportunity you just do not talk to your mother, your mother almost worried to death.Mother told you, in your mother’s eyes, you are the best, There is nothing better you!”

  Qiyue Li engraved Poti and laughed: “Mother, you really do not mind me?”
  ”Of course, military child to marry you, he is a product of eight life of blessing, is the mother of good fortune.”
  ”That’s what your mother unhappy it?”Qi Yue asked with a smile.
  Ye Yingmei suddenly been asked to live.
  Qi Y深圳桑拿网ue very seriously said to her: “compound children have the benefits of the compound of the children, but also have their disputes, and Lei Jun and I only like the flat light of life, not to think about things that are not ours, nor your mother think of the.”
  Yeying Mei Qi Yue words are right eyes were red, and she looked up at Lei Jun, Lei Jun came to her squat in micro looked up and said: “Mother, if you want to see him, so he got, I would not stopping.However, I do not hope he will not upset our quiet life now.”
  Ye Yingmei Wuzui choked, Qi Yue handed her a handkerchief, she did not answer, only asked Lei Jun choking voice: “You do not expect that the biological father do?”
  Lei Jun’s eyes suddenly a condensate, and then a little bit calm, he calmly replied: “I have already grown up, no longer needs his father, naturally not expecting.”
  Ye Yingmei could bear, crying.
  Qi Yue tried to persuade, but was stopped Lei Jun, took her out the door.
  ”Let your mother cry, crying she put down.”

  Chapter 474 desperate measure?

  Ye Yingmei cry, and so Qi Yue did not hear the sound of the door and saw that she had fallen asleep.
  Hit the water with a towel to wipe her simply washed her face, then her coat off, covered with blankets.
  Out the door, 广州桑拿网Qi Yue remembered a big problem, which she wanted to sleep in tonight?
  The day before yesterday she slept in the second bedroom, but it is Lei Jun did not sleep all night, so this embarrassing problem has cropped up today.”
  ”You have the heart I’ll stay all night?”Lei Jun asked her a look of Resentment.
  Qi Yue was his face that scared scalp tingling: “Do not

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