As long as the end of the world through despair, from the cracks in the photo next point of hope, we must not easily sit still.

Chapter 158 countries last days
  After the helicopter landed, several people quickly transferred to the interior.Well the two soldiers who brought the unconscious soldier isolated place, and Yu Heng Cai Yi and two others saw this person in charge of the army base.
  ”Mr. Cai.”Yujin Wen was wearing military uniform, walked in front of Cai Yi marching in step, and he greeted.Then and only then shift our attention to the balance Yujin Wen Yu body, raising his hand is a positive cap, had a serious look softened, and he did not care who’s embarrassed Yu Heng, reached out and patted her on the shoulder, some red eyes , partial black tan complexion good cover his strange.
  ”dad.”Heng Yu shouted.
  Yujin Wen smiled, she should not, but first asked Cai Yi, “Mr. Cai, now the situation is somewhat special, something happened to you before that we can temporarily put aside.I am here to represent the country to invite you to the end of the world our newly established research group to study gene zombies and protoss who, I wonder if you think of it?”
  Cai Yi Min Chun sip, “Yes, but I wish I could have brought them a team.”
  Yujin Wen nodded, “The fact that this time you will become the main research.”
  Cai Yi surprised to pick the eyebrow, the first reaction is to see Heng-yu.
  Yu junior sister apprentice drove him to look for today, Qiaoxia Notes about the last days of survival, as well as the face of a zombie in no way surprising calm, as if to say she had experienced such a scene as.
  Cai Yi talent recognized, everyone can still pay more attention to his future, but now they can let him become the main research, which can not help Tsai Yi Yu Heng not to take it to him want.
  ”Brother Go, have the opportunity to say.”Heng Yi Yu Choy on sight, did not explain what she ‘rebirth’ or something, the less people深圳桑拿网 know, the better.
  Yujin Wen behind, there is a different soldier has awakened the energy forward, hands out to do a “please” gesture, “Mr. Cai please, I’ll drive you to the Institute.”
  Another soldier stepped forward to take over the computer data as well as the hands of Heng-yu, left behind with their Tsai Yi.

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  ”He all right, just go to the Prancing Horse Street, A nine required to operate on him.”

  ”it is as expected.”Li Rong heart sank..
  Although Xiao Yi promised her it would not do, but surgery surgery this matter is related to Xiao Yi can stand up again, you can not restore normal life in the past, Rong Li also worried that he would hide himself buckle down to this thing, did not think she’s actually really worried about is the fact that became.
  ”Brothers and sisters gave him the ax?”Rong Li thought that open surgery to have a chance, let Xiao Yi death to take away from her side, he felt his body strength to be drained.
  ”No, not so reckless A nine people, she knows you’re not beside brother, big brother is not going to do, also I called back from the barracks, to persuade Brother.”
  ”You listen to your words of brother?”Rong Li hearts have a bad feeling, she knew this without telling Xiao Yi Wen nine she went to surgery, must be sure to hold the target to get this done, I am afraid, then Xiao Yu, Xiao Station in front, they will not play any role.
  ”No, I want to go back right away!”
  She could not agree to let Xiao Yi to take such risks: “If it fails, his life is gone!”
  ”Sister.”You like to watch the novel, how can we not concerned about the public number, V letter Search: rdww444 or heat wangwen, network text chat with it?

  1109 bright

  ”Sister, you just want the big brother of the surgery will fail, just as that of the failure rate, but you have not thought about, as well as nine out of hope?”
  See Xiao Yu Rong Li panic does not choose the way of God, exports advised.
  ”You come up the mountain, not to persuade your brother to call me back, but I came to persuade?”Rong Li Xiao Yu finally realized that the moment had come.
  ”Yes, sister, I am for your brother to persuade.”Xiao Yu looked calmly said Li Rong.
  ”Sister, you and your brother be childhood, when you together hoot situation when the Northwest, those things, you still remember it?”
  Xiao Yu, then just off the sound, Rong Li’s eyes were on the red.
  Of course she remembered how she can not remember?
  And Xiao Yi together before in the past, and that all the time happy time, Li Rong clearly than anyone else remember.
  She still remembers the first time I met when Xiao Yi.
  At that time, she was only ten years old, is the palace of King Xiling most favored Xiaojun Zhu, her horse, ride even better than his brother, her horseback archery, attached several times can hit the target, we have been king uncle and father of praise.
  In that contest the General Assembly, she can be described as out of the limelight.
  Howeve北京夜网r, no more than a moment, Li Rong of the limelight, it was taken away people.
  She grab the limelight none other than from the original, Xiao Xiao Jiajun Marshal Station.
  Yes, when Xiao Jiajun Marshal, not Xiao Yu, but Shaw Station.
  And then Xiao Yi, is nothing but a twelve-year-old boy.
  He rode in on a white horse, wearing silver armor, appeared in the contest field.
  Despite his age, the so small, however, his eyes but revealed even adults are not sharp, his silver armor, reflecting the golden light, exceptionally bright.

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  Meng Tong and shifted to the Ocean bed inside, hand patted his side of the seat, the side of the road if nothing had happened, “after the master’s death, that brand has been in my hands ah.”

  Ling a look at her, do not know now what is the mood, Leng Leng stood for a moment, he sat down at the gown Meng Tong stitch around, “Do you mean to say, your master is the previous generation of Hades orders have who murderous Shura?”
  Meng Tong face the loss of thought, he asked, “should not be Suoming Shura do?”
  Ling a silent, “You did not tell your teacher do her nickname?”
  Meng Tong scratching their heads, “I remember it was Suoming Shura ah, is it a big old master remember correctly?”
  A look of silent Ling said: “Perhaps you remember correctly.”
  Meng Tong thought, that is also a possibility, she waved a bad mood, and said: “Who is what Shura, anyway, are the master passed away, had sent me that card and when I said what would be willing tube play with, it would not pipe Rengzhao ignore it does not matter, the results so I went to Luoyang to know, Ming Palace pipe simply not for me.”
  Ling a deep breath, feel this moment, turned out to be too helpless and more angry, unwilling, hatred and so emotional, there is such a big care nothing for the little young married woman, after he had foreseen his own to worry about the rest of my life the day.
  ”How can you not make out early to Hades?”Ling Tong Meng a decision not to ask anything about her master’s, she feels that she Jiaoruan football into the arms of the body.
  On Ling Meng Tongshun potential against a chest, “ah” for a long time, he said: “Master had said it was confidential, except for my brother not to tell a third person.Then I look at Ming Palace certainly fail to get my hands, put this little card and locked up.
  Was I’m not busy studying medical books Well, every time it comes Ming Palace things, I wanted to make you want to Hades, where this can not remember the brand and at another throw.When I think of where this brand, a look back and forget.
  Later this sort of thing more, I will not dare to tell you the.In都市兔兔 case you say I told you, a look back and forget the bad and more?”
  Ling a little young married woman’s touch packet header, in addition to sigh or sigh, “Ming house, which also exists in name only, but you do not tell your master, so that Hades is the key that opens the secret library do Ming Palace?”
  ”There is such a thing?”Meng Tong look ignorant B, then flat mouth, face grief said:” Master said no word.”
  Ling Yian comfort in her back patted the heart: this really is what kind of teacher, what kind of apprentice, are the same ah do not fly.
  Meng Tong grief over, curious secret from the Ming Palace library, twisting knelt up and looked at Ling one: “how do you know that there are secret library of Ming Palace?Hades also know that this order is the key to the Ming Palace?”
  Ling one eye blurred together, it recalled 杭州桑拿洗浴the unruly and frivolous youth themselves, “I stay relatively long time in Ming Palace, once under wander bored, Grand Ayatollah study in a dark room to find a treasure map, and then goes down the hidden blessing map, I found a secret library Ming Palace.”
  Boredom will be able to wander wandered study darkroom Ming Palace Grand Ayatollah go, Ming Palace also found a secret treasure map library?
  Meng Tong kiss her boyfriend looking at their own tongue-tied, just to the heart of worship.She raised a smile, generous flew Ling Yihuai, the heavy kissed his face, excited smiles, “Ling a, hello interest.”
  Ling could not help laughing a clutch her heart began to take pink bubble called “happy”.
  Mengtong Xing Fen for a moment, thought of another key issue, Ling pulled a skirt, hastily said, “hey, you said that the secret library will not actually get great elders, my master did not know, so she did not tell me?”
  Ling heard a thought, looking down on the Tong Meng said, “and we became close after a time where you have a look to know.”

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  The total was speculation this time he broke the news to a large.

  Yes indeed, this is indeed a burst of aniseed, not only broke the news, and also involves another person, that is, Chu Zheng.
  Why Song Yun this can be so high-profile comeback, it is because behind Chu Zheng to support, for the best broker for backing, gave the best resources.
  After this material burst out, microblogging directly bombed.
  Only those ambiguities and before photos and videos, there is no direct evidence of micro-Bo is not the same, this microblogging incidental evidence is a video, photographed under the parking lot.
  Song Zheng Chu Yun’s hand holding laugh he spoke, also head on his shoulders.
  This is not what the office parking lot, this is a hotel car park.
  You can see the hotel sign from the video.
  Two adults holding hands together to the hotel, we can not discuss what is going to work, to discuss the work you need to walk so?
  Marital derailed, Song Yun is the third, this stone hammer hit his face when Song Yun Song Yun but calmed down.
  She has been uneasy, afraid in the end whenWill kick off was around Chu Zheng.
  Really to this day, but she did not feel so anxious.
  She felt Zheng Chu北京桑拿 should give her money to compensate her, Chu Zheng is not a very unfeeling person.
  After this you can see from the look on his wife Chu Zheng out, Song Yun seems almost Cheyenne River and Han Chalerm far, Chu Zheng married regret it should be.
  Cheyenne Creek woman like this, can marry Chu Zheng simply picked up the diamonds fall from the sky, still holding diamond run.
  Her cell phone rang, a number is not known, Song Yun pick up and said, “Hey?”
  ”You can really cheap.”Opposite a woman said,” and with a married man, also broke out on his own, do you think this could do to keep his?Without his children In your dreams!”
  Song Yun sneer a little, even if they do not say who he is, across the phone she would have guessed, not that Cheyenne River across from it?
  In fact, she felt Cheyenne River should have found her, and she Chey杭州夜网enne River is not the same, she and Chu Zheng together is very clear what they want, anyway, she do not love Chu Zheng.
  Such a man she can not live bolt, even so she was tearful and said, “I’m sorry.I do not want this, I did not burst out.”
  The opposite of people heard her say has begun to abuse her parents, she silently points the Record button, then wait for people across the Ma Wan, and then across the white people pretending to Lotus.
  Say that love can not be controlled, everything is her fault, so do not blame Cheyenne River Chu Zheng, must protect their children.

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  Chu Ji faint smile, “I do not go school things tubes, Ai Qing, go back to beg Queen.”

  ”Closer to home, they decided to set aside two hundred and two thousand from the private library with these silver, transported Feng Jiang, dean of the school in the name of the queen, I will sing the husband with the woman, in the name of Queen dean Dear husband of the affected people to do something modest means.”
  ”Liang Aiqing, the money could be enough to alleviate the pressing need?”
  Every sentence of the emperor, ministers will count sum in mind, the more considered more surprised to hear named also slightly late for a moment to react.
  He submissively said: “If we say that the whole Feng Jiang, more than three hundred thousand two natural drop in the bucket, but it was enough to save a city people!The emperor said the immediate need is natural.”
  He laughed, the sound is all carefree joy, laughter turn started finished in the pull that road; “up and down the palace school teachers and children Jie Gong, Zhen Yao further reward.”

Chapter 60
  This is the usual ordinary day, the dumplings were happily go to school, obsessed with having got into the carriage home.
  After returning to the government dumpling who was holding down the servants, the door just hold up their own father and mother were pro.
  Chu was a high leather boy, and he was very unsightly know myself in front of father, father and son met on a pair of pinch, he today who knows Prince Yu one of his father over his head, exposing his appreciation for the first time to smile, an old uncle smiling face open flowers.
  ”Well done my child!Today moving in the classroom give your father a long face!The parent can not think of one day this kid because you are jealous envy, Gee other adults, this taste of children!”
  Tiger dumpling hear a look ignorant force, two short-legged children paddled in the air, he called his father to let him down!
  Tiger dumpling looks sturdy, but also six years old, hold up is still very tough, Prince Yu shook slightly acidic arm, flew to meet the request of his son, put him in the ground.
  He bent and son on the TV, “Son, 杭州夜网论坛father day say you grow up, know how to pity the weak good good, good son of his father!”

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  So, three people get together soon on the loose.After this is not Qinpei Gang arrived inside the room to lie down, Han Yu also came along on a cloud.

  ”Are you ok?Abhay.”
  Paul Chun hear Han Yu Yun said, frowning.
  ”I’m not good.”
  She sat up from the couch, on the face of Han Yu cloud.
  ”Dear husband I do not understand, why do not you tell me about it.”
  Just heard this thing today when, for a moment as if Paul Chun felt like being taken advantage of, like, but the next second she denied their own.
  That person is none other than, and her husband ah Taoxintaofei.So, now we want to hear an explanation of Paul Chun Han Yu cloud.
  Perh广州桑拿aps afraid Qinpei Sheng gas, Han Yu cloud this time without the slightest delay, immediately opening.
  ”Abhay, it is also my brother at short notice.Our original plan was not this step, you know.”
  Paul Chun certainly know, the original is such as to steal sexangula, if Song Qi missed shot by them again.
  Han Yu Yun went on to say, “but the House of Song Hai Lin suddenly, everything changes and the.Coupled with the emperor learned from Big Brother, after leaving the seven princes of reasons, suddenly decided.”
  That, in fact, done back Muyun Yan pot.This thing, and he did not matter.
  Paul Chun still looked ignore eye, Han Yu cloud had continued: “I do not know anything, so I know it is the big brother just come and tell me when.”
  So, it really is volume He and Zhao Yi negotiated two people.
  No wonder, today, five princes He suddenly saw container when Paul Chun in doubt.
  As the Prince Shao Fu Yung why He happened to accompany the emperor appeared after five princes Mu yun assassination, then we should think of Paul Chun.
  Extremely thin Si fear, not against Yung it is a bit of strategy really means.Among other things, everything can be planned in such a short period of time then you can also do the thousand one hundred wind completed, it really is the capital of the first to make a living.
  Paul Chun finally not so entangled, and she stared at Han Yu Yun said: “Dear husband, after there are things I do not hide it.Otherwise, you know, my people narrow-minded, easy to make life difficult.”
  Carter, Han Yu Qin Pei La cloud to put his arms.
  ”Of course, you are my lady.How would I lie to you, never.”
  The next morning, very early Han Yu cloud could not sleep.He turned to look at Paul Chun was still sleeping, she could not bear to disturb it himself gingerly off to look at the art of healing.

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r?Opportunity you just do not talk to your mother, your mother almost worried to death.Mother told you, in your mother’s eyes, you are the best, There is nothing better you!”

  Qiyue Li engraved Poti and laughed: “Mother, you really do not mind me?”
  ”Of course, military child to marry you, he is a product of eight life of blessing, is the mother of good fortune.”
  ”That’s what your mother unhappy it?”Qi Yue asked with a smile.
  Ye Yingmei suddenly been asked to live.
  Qi Y深圳桑拿网ue very seriously said to her: “compound children have the benefits of the compound of the children, but also have their disputes, and Lei Jun and I only like the flat light of life, not to think about things that are not ours, nor your mother think of the.”
  Yeying Mei Qi Yue words are right eyes were red, and she looked up at Lei Jun, Lei Jun came to her squat in micro looked up and said: “Mother, if you want to see him, so he got, I would not stopping.However, I do not hope he will not upset our quiet life now.”
  Ye Yingmei Wuzui choked, Qi Yue handed her a handkerchief, she did not answer, only asked Lei Jun choking voice: “You do not expect that the biological father do?”
  Lei Jun’s eyes suddenly a condensate, and then a little bit calm, he calmly replied: “I have already grown up, no longer needs his father, naturally not expecting.”
  Ye Yingmei could bear, crying.
  Qi Yue tried to persuade, but was stopped Lei Jun, took her out the door.
  ”Let your mother cry, crying she put down.”

  Chapter 474 desperate measure?

  Ye Yingmei cry, and so Qi Yue did not hear the sound of the door and saw that she had fallen asleep.
  Hit the water with a towel to wipe her simply washed her face, then her coat off, covered with blankets.
  Out the door, 广州桑拿网Qi Yue remembered a big problem, which she wanted to sleep in tonight?
  The day before yesterday she slept in the second bedroom, but it is Lei Jun did not sleep all night, so this embarrassing problem has cropped up today.”
  ”You have the heart I’ll stay all night?”Lei Jun asked her a look of Resentment.
  Qi Yue was his face that scared scalp tingling: “Do not

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gqin instinct argued, until the words out of the mouth, she realized a problem.

  Although old Zhu on the separation last year, can be divided into home does not mean never in contact with, in particular, even after the separation, a few of the children have room to live far apart.Pig even have to go to the village school every day, at least, it should have been sooner or later the old house Zhu trip fishes.So, why Wang Xiangqin months not seen the pig?It is just a branch off?That is not right, Wang Xiangqin serious memories about it, she usually no rare plump stove to Yuanba ahead after, say can not see every day, at least twenty-three days could have seen a return.
  Such a thought, Wang Xiangqin eyes had changed: “Your sister deliberately avoiding me Zhumao.we?”
  ”Who are you deliberately hide?I fed propped let you dodging pig苏州桑拿网?”Wen’s well done retorted, her pair may look, in fact, but rather confirmed Wang Xiangqin statement.
  Wang Xiangqin mind flashed a burst of uncomfortable, she did not understand their own in the end did what, actually make people shun.However, now is not the time to care about this, she looked up and glanced at the sky, he turned to urge Zhu mother: “Mother, we’d better get going, the winter sun sets early, early child rushed to the county Ye Hao peace of mind.”
  ”Right, right, get going, have something to say on the way.”
  Zhu mother’s voice down, got up and stopped Wen’s people: “no go!My first words to make it clear!”
  ”You want to do what unitary?Dairo last time did not teach you?”Zhu mother a look of impatience, her eyes are now full of people in a large prison Zhu Shiro’s, managed to persuade Wang Xiangqin agreed to pay P南宁桑拿iggy issue, she just could not wait rushed to the county Yamen, will explain things carefully again, beating t

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normally too harsh on children, and he did not tender Niangqin, therefore, will produce such a psychological dependence on the temperature and nine.

  Single-parent families, children, whether it is a single father or, a single mother worth mentioning, parents must assume the responsibility of two people.
  In other words, educate a child, and must have severe side, but also bound to have a moderate time, so incentives and penalties for the job.
  If severe or blindly blindly doting, always let the child’s personality being a bad influence.
  Temperature last nine hurry, hurry to go, and it did not come with Lu Liang said that this child, and so she was ready to have the opportunity,深圳桑拿网 with the exchange of Luliang about, the experience of ourselves with children, teach tactful give him.
  ”Good boy, do you run so fast?Running too fast is easy to wrestling, after walking fast in focus, you know?”
  Wen said the head of nine touched Luzi Ning.
  ”Aunt, I remember, the future will not be the case.”Luzi Ning was Wenjiu An comfort a lot, and I feel much better, from her warm nine stuck his head nodding solemnly.
  ”Zhenguai.”Wen nine out his hand, touched his head spoiled the melon.
  Temperature side of the Pearl, looking at the interaction between temperature and nine with Luzi Ning, nothing can be said to be stunned.
  Why, this whelp, with so warm nine pro?
  Also called her a bitch?
  Wen nine is the bitch Well?She temperature Pearl today in her new work clothes, wearing so many mirrors, and rub the fragrant pow苏州夜网der, how could it smell?
  Pearl heart of Luzi Ning Wen hated the floor, she was wondering, waiting for her to do a sou北京夜网l mate, be sure to find ways to kill the whelp!
  She was thinking, you see a man walking in front.
  \ S micro-channel public search number: wmdy66,

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l ah!

  There have been people who want to conceal it better to do something that is not called gas gathering Dan sell too fast, wait until daybreak himself with savings both to the door with a sack Yao Wang Ge buy immortality, who become like this As a result, he saw their younger brothers and brothers were next door are holding sacks, squatting in front of the door Yao Wang Ge, etc..
  Sell themselves, or put it in the alley door to sell it, this Court Yao Wang Dan wonders of gas gathering news go after that gas gathering Dan sell very quickly, almost brought a store, it was snapped up a space, even Yao Wang Ge towns nearby are against a blank.
  Today, there are already three disciples were sent over to want to talk about things of a long-term supply, and that gas gathering Dan, has been out for two days.
  Luoxue side convened a group to make disciples gas gathering Dan, one side and the man were a few things to talk about martial art to the long-term supply of this.
  These were doors are regarded as the name of these doors, there is a second-rate martial art around, many of their number, and the rich and powerful, is the largest natural order.Dan gas gathering such basic and inexpensive immortality, general supply the南宁夜网se doors are direct and cooperation, before this business is being Mya Court gave a monopoly, the King Valley can only picking up a few mediocre cases door to supply, which in several cases to visit to talk about it in front of this immortality thing is already for a long time there have been things.
  This came to visit a few touches people’s attitude in general, could not conceal it curious that the magic of the gas gathering Dan, and his words many temptations, so that a few people listened to King Valley could not help but frown.
  When asked to wait until the price, Luoxue drink a cup of tea, lightly, “fifteen Lingshi.”
  Here are some cases of people who listened to the door of the price, even more expensive than that sold out, feel this head is filled with glass elders, wrangling for a long time, began with a Luoxue no佛山桑拿t let their anger at Shuaix

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