[What fish soup is the milkiest]_Fish soup_How to choose

[What fish soup is the milkiest]_Fish soup_How to choose

For the parturient, the most important postpartum care is nursing and breastfeeding. For some maternity, breastfeeding is very difficult. At this time, some food supplements are often needed to promote more milk secretion in the body.

From now on, fish soup does have a prolactin effect and can promote postpartum wound healing.
The main method of lactating mothers since ancient times is to drink soup. In fact, there are many kinds of lactating soup, but fish soup does.

So what kind of fish soup has the best lactation effect?


Gourd Sturgeon Soup Ingredients: 1 sturgeon, similar to melon, shallot, ginger, salt.

Method: After clearing the catfish, cut the melon into small pieces.

First add the fish to the cold water pot and boil on high heat. Add the green onion and simmer slowly until the color of the soup is milky. Then add the melon. Season the salt.

Efficacy: qi and blood, breast milk, effectively help to milk quickly.


Fish stew papaya material: 1 catfish, half papaya, 10 red dates, ginger slices, cooking wine, salt, MSG each amount.

Method: Clean up the sturgeon, peel and cut the papaya, and rinse the red dates.

First heat the oil-flavored ginger slices in the pan, then fry the fish slightly, then boil the water and add the anchovies, papaya, red dates, cooking wine, boil in a small pot for 2 hours, and add salt and MSG to season.

Efficacy: Carassius auratus is rich in protein and minerals, which can supplement postpartum body nutrition, and has good milking effect when combined with papaya.


Mulberry Tongcao Soup Ingredients: 1 mullet, 3 g all-grass, onion, salt, rice wine and other seasonings.

Method: After the mullet is cleaned, put it in the pot with the rest of the ingredients and cook it. Then you can eat fish and soup.

Efficacy: clearing heat and dampness, passing through the milk, has a good milking effect for people with insufficient postpartum milk.


Cuttlefish and peanut soup ingredients: 300g ribs, 2 dried cuttlefish, 1 peanut rice, 3 slices of ginger, 2 teaspoons of salt.

Method: Prepare all ingredients, soak peanuts and dried cuttles about an hour or two in advance.

Cuttlefish is cleaned and simmered with peanuts.

After picking up the peanuts and cuttlefish, put the ribs in the simmered water, and then clean them.

Cuttlefish cut into small pieces.

Put all the ingredients in a clay pot, add ginger slices and a moderate amount of water, and cook over medium heat.

After boiling for about 10 minutes, turn to low heat and continue to cook.

After about two hours, season with salt instead of flameout.