[How to make cheese bread]_ cheese _ how to make _ how to cook

[How to make cheese bread]_ cheese _ how to make _ how to cook

Cheese bread is a popular type of bread, because it is sweeter, plus a big cheese, it is very popular with young friends. Nowadays, few people eat bread without taste, because it is more difficult to swallow, butThe combination of snail meat and cake changes the taste of the bread itself. Generally, you need to prepare milk powder peanut white sugar as ingredients to make cheesecake together.

Supplementary milk powder 30g cheese 30g butter 10g water 30ml sugar 10g yeast 1 tsp (5g) sugar cheese bread Practice Step 1

Sift the flour and milk powder.


Egg whites are separated from egg yolks. Only whites are used for noodles.


Cut the cheese into small pieces.

Explaining carefully about cheese, everyone likes cheese with a different taste. The flavor I use is very big and it is very fragrant.

You can choose softer, stronger cheese, but it is not good to use cheese slices.

You can also use cheese powder instead, or cut your favorite cheese into fine shreds.

Also, because I use a bread machine and noodles, I put the cheese in the water and poured it directly into the bread machine.

If it is made by hand, add cheese in the flour adding step later, and cut into cheese filaments.


The procedure of using a bread maker is to put the liquid material except the paste into a kneading bucket and then pour sugar.


Sift into flour and milk powder.


After adding the yeast, start the sweet bread process and noodles.


It feels similar to noodles. Add flour, knead the paste into the noodles, and restart the sweet bread process and noodles.

Of course, you can also use the procedures and noodles you are used to. In short, knead the dough for more time, at least 45 minutes to produce gluten.


If you use the noodles by yourself, pour a portion of the sugar and yeast in warm water at about 40 degrees (don’t be too hot), then slowly melt, then pour the egg whites into the sieved flour and milk powder, then pourAdd yeast water and mix well.

When the face is light, the basin is light, and the hands are light, knead the meat paste and cheese shreds and continue to knead all the oil into the noodles, and beat while rubbing to make the noodles gluten.

Similarly, you have to stay for at least 45 minutes or even an hour.


Cover the kneaded noodles with plastic wrap and ferment in a warm place.

You can put it in the microwave and put a cup of boiling water in the oven.

The face should be sent about 2 to 3 times, stepping on a pit, and not immediately rebounding.