[A certain woman likes fantasy men to rape herself]

[A certain woman likes fantasy men to rape herself]

Young and beautiful women also have loneliness. When she is lonely and unbearable, she will have sexual fantasies, fantasizing a man she likes or a handsome star, and even a handsome guy she has seen on the street rapes her in bed.It is not uncommon for her masturbation to orgasm. This is a woman’s lonely sexual psychology.

From 1973 to 2008, nine surveys on female rape fantasies have been published.

Surveys show that about 40% (31% to 57%) of women admit that they have a medium frequency rape fantasy, about once a month.

The actual prevalence of rape fantasies may be higher because women do not admit it so easily.

For the latest report (Bivona, J.

With J.


“The Rape Fantasy Nature of Women: An Analysis of Prevalence, Frequency, and Content”, Journal of Sexual Investigations (

Sexual Studies) (2009)?

46:33), psychologists from the University of North Texas asked 355 college women: How often do you fantasize that a man or a woman has used excessive, forced or raped mouths, vaginaOr anal sex?