[Wife’s Temptation Appears at the Dining Table]

[“Wife’s Temptation” Appears at the Dining Table]

The human body should be blood vessels all over the body. Blood vessels are an important channel for transporting blood and nutrients. When people age, the body will age and the incidence of cardiovascular disease will increase a lot.

There are many ways to prevent cardiovascular disease in the daily life. The simplest and most effective way is to improve the dietary methods and methods. Only by improving the diet structure can we protect our blood vessels and make them younger and healthier.

So what foods do you eat to clean up vascular waste and prevent cardiovascular disease?

Let ‘s take a look together!

1. Pakchoi maintains vascular elasticity. Pakchoi is rich in dietary fiber, which can prevent the formation of plasma cholesterol, and can prevent plasma metabolite cholic acid from replacing the body in vitro, which can reduce the chance of arteriosclerosis.

Elderly people should eat more cabbage to maintain blood vessel elasticity.