[What happened to the bitterness of eating red bean and rice soup]_mouth bitter_cause

[What happened to the bitterness of eating red bean and rice soup]_mouth bitter_cause

Many people now particularly like to mix red beans and barley rice together to eat, which can increase the effectiveness of each other and effectively replace the effect of excess moisture.

The methods of these two ingredients are also particularly changeable. They can be put into both the main food and the sweet soup after meals.

However, some people report that after drinking red bean barley soup, they will have bitterness in their mouths. What causes this?

First, when eating red bean porridge, you can also add ingredients according to personal circumstances.

1. Cold body: You can add some warm foods, like longan and jujube; 2. Insomnia: You can also feel a lot of wetness in your body, then add some lotus seeds and lilies; 3. Female dysmenorrhea: you can putRemove the rice, boil some red bean soup, add some ginger slices, jujube, brown sugar, drink to warm the lower abdomen, it can also ease the pain; 4, joint pain: add some raw white peony, raw licorice, sour yin and nourishBlood removal paralysis.

Second, the role of red bean barley is abundant in spring and summer. Many people, especially those who live in humid areas such as the South, like to eat red bean barley porridge.

The red bean and rice porridge is not only simple in practice, but also delicious and delicious. The most important thing is the excellent combination of red beans and indica rice. It fully exerts the nutritional effects of red beans and indica rice and can strengthen the spleen and dampness.

So what is the role of red bean barley?

Let’s take a closer look at the role of red bean and rice porridge.

Rice is the best product for conditioning the heart. Red beans clear the heart and nourish the soul, and the spleen and kidney function are matched together, and it is the best partner to replenish the heart.

Especially in the south, because of geographical problems, the body is often wet, and red bean rice porridge may be a staple food for dinner.

Rice is also called barley kernel, medicinal corn, etc., which is both edible and medicinal.

Indica rice has the effects of diuresis, dampness, spleen and diarrhea, and purulent discharge. It is often used in chronic illness and recovery period, and is a good medicinal food for the elderly.

Rice also has antipyretic, sedative, and analgesic effects, and is often used to treat chronic enteritis, appendicitis, rheumatic joint pain, and urinary tract infections.

At the same time, indica rice is rich in supplementary fiber, which can help digestion of the digestive tract, avoid waste accumulation, and has a drainage effect of diuretic and moisturizing and a wonderful effect of whitening the skin.

Adzuki beans can clear blood and heat, improve water and dampness, have a strong heart, eliminate fatigue kidney disease and edema, Chinese medical experts believe that adzuki beans have the effect of detumescence and light weight.

Adzuki beans have high-pressure blood plasma fibers, and have a good effect of intestinal laxation, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, regulating blood sugar, detoxifying and anti-cancer, preventing stones, and losing weight.