Scientific research, brain degeneration, often doing wrist movements

Scientific research, brain degeneration, often doing wrist movements

Due to the deterioration of brain function, middle-aged and elderly people are prone to trembling with hands and unable to hold things.

If you usually do more slaps on your wrists, you can strengthen your wrists, flex your wrists, and stimulate your brain activity and delay aging.

In addition, often doing wrist exercise can also adapt to chronic wrist strain, wrist movement disorder, wrist pain, wrist numbness, stiffness, trembling and so on.

Commonly used wrist care actions are as follows: beat the Daling food, the middle finger beat the Daling point of the opposite hand (the midpoint of the palm of the wrist), each time hit 50?
100 times, it is better to have soreness on the wrist.

  Beating the wrist valley and rubbing the wrists of each other’s fingers (on the outer wrist bones of the hand, above the small fish), each time slamming 50?
100 times, it is better to have slight pain in the wrist.

  After hitting the river, the index finger is used to beat both ends of the back of the stream (when the fist is fisted, at the horizontal head of the finger joint after the little finger), each time 50?
100 times.

  Open the tiger’s mouth and put the four fingers together, the thumb is separated, the two hands of the tiger’s mouth (the midpoint between the thumb and the index finger) are relatively tight, then relax and restore, repeat 50?
100 times.

  Insert eight evils and two palms opposite, five fingers apart, ten fingers cross force each other, then relax, insert eight evil points (in the ten fingers), repeatedly do 50?
100 times.

  The left hand palm of the labor palace stretched out, the right hand clenched the fist, and the hard hand of the fist beat the left hand labor palace (when the fist is clenched, the middle finger refers to the point); then the left hand beats the right hand labor palace, each doing 50?
100 times.

  The circular wrist first straightens the right arm and relaxes the wrist. The five fingers are in a natural state, and the wrist is driven to the right outside.

Be careful not to use force, gently shake, turn, loop 30?
50 times; then change the left hand and ring the same number of times.

  Swing your wrist with your left hand and hold the lower part of your right wrist. Use your left hand to quickly shake your right wrist 30?
50 times; then change the right hand and hold the lower part of the left wrist, also shaking 30?
50 times.