Five kinds of food that thin people should eat in autumn

Five kinds of food that thin people should eat in autumn

In the cold, especially in the pituitary of people with violent storms, the adrenal system is highly stressed, so that the nutrients implanted by the human body are more converted into heat to resist the cold.

Therefore, lean people should add enough protein, traces, glucose, vitamins and minerals in winter.

While maintaining a variety of foods, the following foods are recommended: Mushrooms and mushrooms contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, more than 50 enzymes and free amino acids, choline, adenine, ergosterol and lentinan, which inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol in the body.It promotes the decomposition and discharge of plasma and prevents the increase of blood lipids.

  Under the action of its own enzymes, the bean sprouts make the protein structure in the soybean loose, the digestibility and bio-valency of the protein increase, the content of vitamin B1, B2, C and the amount of cellulose increase, making it an ideal high-nutrient vegetable.
  Milk and milk contain 9 kinds of essential amino acids in the human body; trace amounts of small particles are highly dispersed, so the digestibility is high; the small amount of milk is mainly lactose, which is beneficial to the reproduction of lactic acid bacteria and inhibits the growth of spoilage bacteria.

Chinese medicine believes that milk is sweet and flat, and it has the effect of nourishing the body, revitalizing the body, and quenching thirst.

  Black fungus black fungus contains trace elements, which prevent blood clotting, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and dry stool.

Chinese medicine believes that black fungus is flat and sweet, has qi, puzzle, blood effect, is effective for anemia, waist and legs, limb numbness.

  Dog meat dog meat contains too much taurine, doped, and rarely.

Chinese medicine believes that dog meat is warm, has the effect of tonifying the kidney, replenishing yang and dispelling cold, and has a good effect on low back pain, chills, cold limbs, and polyuria at night.