Corn and it are good for appetizing and spleen

Corn and it are good for appetizing and spleen

From ancient times to the present, no matter whether it is the emperor or the civilian population, there are many people who like to eat corn.

According to historical records, when Emperor Ming Zhengde once went out to play, he relieved the intestines and went to a farmer to eat.

The farmer gave him a bowl of corn rice, and he ate very sweet.

After the meal, he asked the farmer why the rice was made.

The farmer said that this is “pearl rice.”

The golden corn kernels are not much more than the pearls.

On the efficacy of diet, corn is not ordinary.

Old and young are weak, eat more appetizing Chinese medicine believes that corn is flat and sweet, into the liver, kidney, bladder, diuretic swelling, spleen and spleen, Pinggan Lidan effect.

Especially worth mentioning is its appetizing effect.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” thinks that it is “adjusting the appetizer”, and “Materia Medica” refers to it as “healing agent”.

Therefore, people with bad appetite, people with old age, children, and those who have been sick for a long time are usually suitable for eating more corn.

how to eat?

Some people like the whole cooking, and some people prefer porridge.

For example, people in the Northeast often love to eat corn porridge: soak the broken corn kernels and kidney beans, pour them into the pot, boil them on high heat, then switch to small fire, wait for the corn to boil, and sauté the polenta.It’s fine.

If it is a weak group of young and old, it is recommended to grind the corn granules first, turn it into corn flour, and then use it for porridge.

Corn is used to cook.

Peel off the fresh corn kernels and fry them with shrimp and cucumber. Don’t add flavor.

In addition, it can be powdered, mixed with wheat flour or soy flour, evaporated into cake, or put into the nest, snacks and so on.

Corn must: go to edema, slow down the disease, many people eat corn, do not throw the corn away.

But in fact, corn must also be a good medicine.

Chinese medicine believes that corn must be sweet, light, flat, with diuretic swelling, liver and gallbladder and other effects.

Can be used for edema, dysuria, jaundice, cholecystitis, gallstones, hypertension, diabetes, breast milk, chronic nephritis and other diseases.

How to use it?

Generally, you can drink with water: take 50 grams of corn, rinse it twice with water, then put it into a cup, rinse it into boiling water, cover it, suffocate, and drink tea.

Or fry the juice, warm twice in the morning and evening.

To collect corn mustard, it is generally necessary to wait until the autumn, the corn is mature, and then the dried corn mustard is removed.

If fresh corn cobs are used, it will affect the growth of corn granules.

Diabetic diet, the use of corn must stew pig diabetic corn must stew pig guide, is from the “common disease prescription research reference materials” diet.

Take 30 grams of corn to be washed, 150 grams of pig pancreas washed and cut into pieces, the two flavors are boiled for 40 minutes with water, add appropriate seasonings, take soup to drink, drink 2 times a day, 10 days for a course of treatment.

Pig pancreas is sweet and flat, clear lung and stomach heat, with corn must, can be used to treat lung and cough, diabetes (diabetes) and other conditioning.