[Two-year-old baby food supplements and practices]_Two-year-old baby_How to do

[Two-year-old baby food supplements and practices]_Two-year-old baby_How to do

The gastrointestinal tract of a two-year-old baby is not yet developed. Moms should pay attention to the baby ‘s diet. It is best to give the baby some digestible foods, such as pumpkin porridge and Qiaohu rice. These porridges can supplement the body’s needs.Nutrients, and digestive capacity for the stomach and intestines have a certain ability to improve.

Let’s take a look at the complementary food practices of two-year-old babies and what they are.

What you should pay attention to for a two-year-old baby’s recipe is that your baby has a limited stomach capacity and should eat more meals; eat more vegetables and fruits; absorb appropriate amounts of animal and plant proteins; milk is rich in nutrients, especially calcium, which is good for your baby to absorbTherefore, milk is still inedible for babies in this period; coarse grains and fine grains should be eaten to avoid vitamin B1 deficiency.

1. Green pepper carrot yam mud ingredients: yam, carrot, green pepper, salad oil, salt, sesame oil.

Method: Wash the carrots and green peppers and cut into pieces.

Pour some oil in a wok and fry until broken.

After the yam has cooled, it is pressed into mud.

Pour the mashed yam into a bowl, add the fried green peppers and carrots, add salt, and grab all the food well.

Prepare a jelly mold, coat the inner wall with a layer of sesame oil, fill it with mixed yam, and squeeze with a spoon.

Then put it on the plate and start eating.

2, Qiaohu rice ingredients: rice, corn, green beans, carrots, chicken breasts, cheese, eggs, seaweed, fuel consumption, corn starch.

Method: Compact the rice and buckle it up on a plate. Take a ball of rice and wrap it with plastic wrap to cover the two ears of Qiaohu.

Add an appropriate amount of corn starch to the egg yolk and stir well. Pour in the egg yolk liquid and set it on one side and turn it on the other.

Cut the cheese slices into olives with small scissors and spread them on the lower half of the face.

Cut the cheese slices into two small semicircles on the ears and the eyeballs.

Nori cut out into shape.

Corn, green beans, diced carrots are ready.

Put the oil in the wok. After the oil is hot, add the diced chicken and stir fry until 5 is ripe, continue to stir fry the vegetables, and finally add an appropriate amount of oyster sauce.

Place the cooked dish next to Qiaohu.