It is not advisable for the elderly to climb the stairs to exercise.

It is not advisable for the elderly to climb the stairs to exercise.

At the far end, many people in Hohhot City used the stairs to exercise as a fashion. Some office workers did not sit in the elevator and chose to climb the stairs. They thought that they could exercise and move at any time.

However, an orthopaedic surgeon here suggests that middle-aged and over-exerent people should exercise carefully by climbing stairs.

  Dr. Li Linqi, chief physician of the Department of Orthopaedics, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Hospital, said: “Based on my many years of medical experience and many cases of contact, I think it is not scientific to use the method of climbing stairs.

He explained that the knee joint is an important part of the human body. When a person walks on a flat ground, the knee joints of the two legs bear half of the weight of the body. When the one leg is stretched, the knee joints of the legs must bear the entire weight of the body.The pressure on the knee joint is obviously increased. The length is curved when going up and down the stairs. Take an entire angle of the body with an angle of 80 to 90 degrees. If you use the stairs to exercise and repeat an action,The amount of activity of the knee joint is artificially increased in this process, the number of times the knee joint is worn is increased, and the strength of the knee joint is also increased.

  Dr. Li suggested that middle-aged or young people who are too over-extended should climb the railings with their hands when they are on the stairs, and wait for their feet to stand on the same step before moving forward to reduce the wear of the knee joint.

As the saying goes, “People are old from the legs”, so you can protect your knees and take a more scientific exercise.