After the holiday, children should call the elderly more.

After the holiday, children should call the elderly more.

After the pleasant Spring Festival, everyone began to work in a busy manner, and the elderly who could “separate the two places” from their children had to be occupied.

  This is the case with Li Apo, who is nearly 70 years old. From the beginning of the year when the children have left home, the mood of the old man seems to have started to be wrong.

She often said “Do not worry about me, your work is the most important”, you can turn your face and start to sneak a tear; sometimes the TV is very loud, as if the home is still very lively; occasionally going out, it is not soundThe sound of the Spring Festival and the reunion of the children and grandchildren can be said to be the greatest expectation of every old man.

Therefore, the separation of the festivals is a gap between them from “great hi” to “great compassion”. It is a common phenomenon that there is discomfort and psychological conflict, even accompanied by a “post-holiday loneliness syndrome”.
  Therefore, while the children are busy adjusting their work and life, they should pay more attention to their distant parents during this special time.

First of all, children should try not to be separated from home on certain days. It is best to leave for a few days and give the old people a “transition period.”

In fact, with the usual scores, pay special attention to the elderly to call, talk about your life, work, and listen to what they say at home.

The care and concern of the children is the best “spirit chicken soup” for treating the elderly.

Finally, you can use the opportunity of visiting relatives and friends to help the elderly arrange some activities in advance, for example, suggesting that they and their relatives of the same age, friends go out on an outing, collecting the wind, lonely and lonely heart.