Old people can’t lose weight quickly

Old people can’t lose weight quickly

Obesity is prone to high blood pressure, and there is a saying in diabetes: “It is difficult to buy old and thin.”

“After entering middle age, people tend to get fat, so some old people stubbornly reduce their fat, drink slimming tea, and eat diet pills.”

Experts pointed out that there is a certain reason for the old and thin, because old people are easy to get cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but they should not be excessively pursuing the pursuit of old-fashioned, because the elderly who are overweight are more than the fat old people, the elderly should lose weight gradually, not too much.Seek thin and fast.

  The elderly should be careful and slow to lose weight. Liu Laotai retired after the heart is wide and fat, height 1.

58 meters, weighing 75 kg.

At a gathering of middle school classmates, the old classmates who have not met for many years are amazed that Liu Laotai is very different from her youth!

The meaning of this sentence is that Liu Laotai is very clear, she must know that she was a famous class flower in the class when she was studying. Not only is she looks good, but her figure is also graceful.

After the class reunion, Liu Laotai began to lose weight crazy and bought a bunch of diet pills until she fainted at home because of anemia and calcium deficiency.

  At present, the elderly are usually easy to go to two extremes: even superstitious “old and thin” and excessive weight loss, is considered obesity, fat out of a disease.

Experts believe that these two facts are not desirable.

Old people are too fat to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, etc., but improper weight loss, decreased immunity, lack of blood supply to the heart and brain, hypoglycemia, etc., susceptible to colds, metabolic diseases, tuberculosis,There may even be an anorexia.

A foreign study shows that if people over the age of 50 lose weight significantly, the mortality rate will increase greatly after the age of 65.

Therefore, experts suggest that the elderly should lose weight according to personal characteristics, choose the appropriate weight loss program, and should not be slow.

  Old people lose weight, do not choose chronic weight loss, the elderly are more serious than young people to pay attention to science.

Experts pointed out that although young people love to use dieting and other methods, although effective, but because of the “injury”, it is not suitable for the replacement of the elderly, especially the elderly and infirm who suffer from diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can not hungryIn exchange for slim body.

A medical study in the United States has shown that people who are slightly overweight do not increase mortality, and the survey also believes that significant reductions in existing cancer or other chronic diseases are present.

Therefore, experts suggest that the weight of the elderly does not necessarily need to reach the standard weight, generally not more than 20% of the standard weight can be, and can not be tough weight loss.

In the case of senile hypertension, the disease should be treated mainly, and the purpose of weight loss is to better control the disease rather than pursuing a slim appearance.

  Experts also believe that after the retirement of the elderly, the general time is more abundant, so the right amount of physical activity can not only maintain a good state of health, but also safely lose weight in a small amount, which is beneficial to all organs of the body.

Such as doing housework, walking, suitable sports activities.

However, cardiovascular exercise should be avoided to avoid accidents.

  Health Tip: The simple calculation formula for standard weight is: male: height (cm) – 105 = weight (kg) female: height (cm) – 100 = weight (kg) (the weight of the elderly can be less than 20%)