Old man doing dental exercises to protect teeth


Old man doing dental exercises to protect teeth

If you want to have a good tooth when you are gray, you have to remove some bad habits in the past. Once you find that dental caries and periodontal disease should be treated in time, you can also give your teeth a daily exercise.

  Experts pointed out that the elderly are not because of age or natural aging, dental caries and periodontal disease are the main enemy of their tooth loss.

It is a non-negligible content for the elderly oral health care to put the teeth of the bones in time.

If the number of teeth missing in the elderly is small and the adjacent teeth are longer, the porcelain bridges are alternately set with porcelain; the number of teeth is missing, and the remaining teeth are not good enough. It is better to replace the active dentures.

  It is also important to eliminate some bad habits in order to maintain the health of the dental system.

For example, you can’t use your teeth to bite hard objects, including bones, crabs, walnuts, etc.; you can’t use too much hard matchsticks, hairpins, etc. instead of toothpicks.

At the same time, adhere to the good habit of mouthwash after eating and brushing your teeth before going to bed, with the use of anti-caries and treatment of periodontal disease fluoride toothpaste and Chinese herbal toothpaste.

Regular oral health checkups, covering shallow cavities in time, often removing stones and dirt attached to the teeth.

  The health care of the teeth is a traditional method of maintaining the life of the teeth. One is the method of caries. Every morning and evening, the teeth are bitten 20 times faster than the teeth, which has a good effect on promoting alveolar bone and cementation.

In addition, it is a gingival massage method. It is used for dozens of times on the gums with fingers extending from the entrance. Each time from back to front, from light to heavy, long-term adherence to the promotion of blood circulation of the gums and prevention of periodontal disease is of great benefit.