Preventing asthma during autumn dry season

Preventing asthma during autumn dry season

Dry in autumn, the whole nature lacks green vitality, the human body is also located in the dry season of water shortage, and the alternating hot and cold air, the induction source is also more, especially easy to trigger.

More than 80% of patients with acute history develop or relapse in the fall. Therefore, in addition to exercise and fitness, the plasma should be added in time to supplement the water in large quantities. In addition, the diet should pay special attention to prevent complications.

  Conditioning diet actively prevent autumn hypertension, mostly patients with allergic system disease, so a reasonable diet, enhance the balanced replacement of nutrition, improve immunity, reduce the stimulation of alternative foods is the most effective prevention method.

  First of all, the diet should be light, less irritating, not too full, too salty or too sweet, but also avoid cold food, wine, spicy and other irritating food.

Those with allergic constitutions should eat less heterosexual protein foods and eat more plant-based soy proteins such as beans and soy products.

Also eat vegetables with some high protein, vitamins, trace elements of food, such as lean meat, eggs, fish and fruits, dried fruits and so on.

  Dietary conditioning should also ensure the adequateness and balance of various nutrients, especially the absorption of antioxidant nutrients such as β-carotene, vitamin C, E and trace element selenium.

These elements are abundant in fresh vegetables and fruits as well as in kelp, sea bream and garlic.

  Regular consumption of edible fungi can improve the body’s immune function, such as mushrooms, mushrooms containing lentinan, mushroom polysaccharides, can enhance the body’s resistance, greatly reducing the incidence of bronchospasm.