How much effect does the foot massage shoe have?

How much effect does the foot massage shoe have?

Heel pain, from the day of the massage shoes, a woman in her 60s, who is overweight, limped into the clinic.

In recent days, she has pain in her heel and almost never dared to get up when she gets up, but the pain will be relieved after walking for a while.

I haven’t had such pain before. I haven’t been injured recently, and I don’t wear high heels. I don’t know where this pain came from.

During the examination, it was found that there was no tenderness in addition to the center of the heel, and there was no tenderness in the achilles tendon and soft tissue. No special abnormalities were found.

Combined with her age, she suspected the pain caused by the heel bone spur, so she asked her to take a foot X-ray.

The results showed that no bone spurs were found, but soft tissue swelling at the heel.

This shows that the patient’s pain is caused by soft tissue damage.

Continue to ask the cause, the patient remembered a week ago, there are many people on the street to buy a kind of massage slippers, the vamp is covered with rugged pebbles.

It is said that wearing this shoe can massage the soles of the feet and have a health care effect, so I bought a pair.

I have been wearing these days, although the soles are not comfortable, but I don’t care.

Is it difficult to make this heel pain and massage shoes?

That’s right, it’s really caused by improper use of massage shoes.

  The foot of man, such as the root of the tree, believes that “the human has a foot, the root of the tree is rooted, the root of the tree is exhausted, and the old man is first and foremost.”

The human feet are farthest in centrifugation, plus daytime life, the working squat is in a sitting position or overlapping position, and the blood returns slowly, which is a poor part of the peripheral blood circulation.

It is very important to keep the blood circulation of the feet constantly.

Therefore, TCM health care has long replaced massage with the foot. Through the massage of more than 60 acupuncture points on the foot and the stimulation of the corresponding reflex zone, it can improve the blood circulation of the lower extremities and strengthen the metabolism of the plantar tissue, thus preventing the varicose veins and soft tissues of the lower extremities.Strain, quickly and quickly restore the fatigue caused by the weight of the leg.

The foot massage is reflected in daily life: in many parks, the old people can see the old people walking back and forth on the cobblestone road; in the foot bath center, many young people can also see the foot.

Whether it is walking pebbles or foot massage, it is limited by region and time.

In the foot, the market has launched a variety of massage shoes, allowing you to enjoy health care anytime, anywhere.

So, can massage shoes take on this responsibility?

  Massage shoes.

Instead of pedicure, massage shoes can provide us with foot stimulation anytime and anywhere (not called massage), which is extremely convenient, but not all people are suitable.

  First, pedicure does not mean simple stimulation of the soles of the feet. It includes a massage of the entire foot (lower extremities to the soles of the feet).

And the stimulating method is also very particular.

According to different people’s physical and physical needs, there are targeted, some acupuncture points or parts need to increase the stimulation, and some need a softer stimulation.

The massage shoes only use the unevenness of the upper to stimulate the sole of the foot through the weight of the body.

The area of this stimulus is fixed and the range is limited to the sole of the foot.

  In fact, choosing shoes is also critical.

Usually, people with heavier weight should not wear massage shoes, because under the effect of their own weight, it is easy to cause strain of the soft tissue of the foot; it is not suitable to wear massage shoes for a long time, because the upper and lower of the massage shoes are uneven, instead of the footFace changes, easy to cause deformation of the arch.

Even if you want to buy massage shoes, you should choose carefully.

The most important point is to try on.

If you wear it all over, or if you have pain in your foot, it is best not to replace it.

  The result is that the patient is wearing shoes and shoes for a long time, and the weight is too heavy, so that the soft tissue of the sole is continuously damaged by mechanical compression of the weight.

Causes heel pain.

Some people may ask, Chinese medicine does not mean that “the pain is not acceptable, the general rule is not painful”?

Pain, isn’t it more irritating?

This understanding is wrong.

The “pain” that Chinese medicine refers to refers to the body’s own pain, but not the pain under external force.The pain caused by the squeezing caused by external force should be removed.

In short, massage shoes are a commodity, and its therapeutic effect is only a means of promotion for the business, not a real foot treatment.

  Hot water soaks in the feet.

Completely practical In fact, pedicure is not just a massage, but also a more simple and easy method, similar to hot water soaking.

It can also improve the blood circulation of the foot and relax the soft tissue, which is very helpful for eliminating fatigue and promoting sleep.

The method is: take a proper amount of clean water before going to bed every day, and heat it to 50-60 seconds.

Pour hot water into a wooden barrel or foot basin and dip for about 10 minutes.

After the dipping, go to bed as soon as possible, do not let the feet get cold again, this effect is better.