Hand painted wind oil massage throat

Hand painted wind oil massage throat

The pharyngitis is mainly caused by throat symptoms. The throat has dry itching, burning sensation, progressive pain, aggravation when swallowing, and excessive saliva.

According to the data, people with different degrees of pharyngitis account for 40% of the healthy population.

As one of the most common diseases in life, pharyngitis is divided into acute pharyngitis and chronic pharyngitis.

Acute pharyngitis is mainly caused by viral bacteria, which is most common in winter and summer. Chronic pharyngitis is mainly caused by repeated treatment of acute pharyngitis.

  There are many methods for paroxysmal laryngitis. Here are five kinds of self-therapy: tongue root movement, rule of law, pharyngitis, pharyngitis, sore throat, swollen throat, swallowing, foreign body sensation, swallowing, foreign body sensation, can take the tongue root movement method, can receive good results.

Namely: closed, the tip of the tongue resists the teeth, rotates 18 times, reverses 18 times, then swallows the mouth fluid in three times, and insists on doing it once in the morning and evening.

  Massage to treat throat phlegm massage: After getting up early every day, apply 3 drops of 4 drops of wind oil to the palm of your left hand and massage (clockwise) the throat area 20 times – 30 times.

  Walnut treatment of pharyngitis take 10 walnuts, go to the hard shell, do not go to clothing, divided into morning and evening twice.

15 days is a course of treatment.

Walnut has anti-inflammatory, lungs, phlegm, and cough.

It can cure sore throat, cough and other diseases.

  Click on the left hand and the fingertips to treat sore throat. If you press the left hand and the nameless fingertip, you can apply good pain relief and anti-inflammatory effect.

Point pressure method with the right thumb and index finger directly rhythm pressure point left hand anonymous fingertips, adhere to three times a day, point pressure before meals.

Each time you press 10-15 minutes, the effect can be gradually cured by 3-4 days.

  Eat red dates, strong tea juice, honey, throat, sputum, burn the coke with 5 red dates, and rush into the white sugar water drink; take appropriate amount of tea with gauze, use hot water to make strong tea juice, then add the right amount of honey and mix thoroughlyRinse every 30 minutes, slowly swallow it and use it several times.

These methods have a better effect on the treatment of sore throat and pharyngitis.