t was with Ni Tuizi.”

  Fang Guoliang heart laugh loudly: my sister was not stupid, stupid is Sunhu.
  Suddenly, what he remembered, he turned around and asked: “You say I know those girls are city people?”
  ”Certainly, or what reason they no pro wandering in Chia?”Aunt looked at him look like a fool,” the wedding of the young you look in on a number of the most handsome, dress style, but also to drive, a look that man in town, was a meat and potatoes, country girl who would this is a meat and potatoes waiting to bite you, if you become, and that is a chicken coop杭州桑拿 fly out of Phoenix slightly!”
  Aunt, then let Fang Guoliang renewed confidence and think to myself it would be shut out of the girl should be too shy, did not inquire about his situation with people too, if someone reminding her two, she should agree.
  Such a thought, his face a smile again, angrily refuted aunt sentence: “This village is also a good girl, did not put it so bluntly aunt.”
  ”How do you really fancy a country girl of杭州桑拿洗浴?!”

  The first 65 Zhang Fang Qin

  Early in the morning, regulating the family to a pair of unexpected guests, it was only yesterday married women SUN Hu Fang Qinfu.
  They come with candy, hand do not fight smiling people, people Qi old woman at the door, but pull the old long face, but wait until Fangqin look shy and sincerely apologized to regulating the family as her mother, Qi old Mrs face suddenly well up, his mouth still tough when he said: “she Sun Guilan made the mistake, apologize to your daughter how is it a?”
  When Fangqin Li Interface: “regulating the family aunt mean.If my mother to apologize, you’ll forgive her?”
  Sun tiger face changed, quietly reached out to pull her sleeve, but she ignored, continue to use a pair of beautiful water hyacinth old lady looked at together, so that the latter’s psychological杭州桑拿 get great satisfaction, nodded and said: “I people are not stingy, as long as she came to me to bow to admit, it is passed.”
  ”Well, I just like to go back to her mother relayed to you.”When Fangqin Li took the words, but then face alignment lady zodiac sheepishly

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